Which direction are we going in? Think about it.

By Waqas Bin Azhar, TMM 2

This was an impeachment by my Danish uncle, when he heard about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, and just after three days, on the night of a ‘Happy’ new year, (which wasn’t that happy in reality), he heard the sounds of gunfire, and asked what the Pakistani nation really wanted? I didn’t know what to answer him. Now, I request that you answer this question.

According to my notion, I feel very embarrassed when exposing our realities that we are doing nothing but treading on a path that leads only towards darkness! All we do is fight against each other, destroy the properties of our own country and people, influence birth of diseconomy, and end up creating the complexities for ourselves.

After the assassination of B.B, I was compelled to think if we were a free nation; free enough to go out of our own homes, walk around in our own towns and cities and such? Even when I was within my university’s apparently safe premises, we were too scared to go out of the rooms. Is this freedom?

When the eve of independence day comes, we celebrate the nights with gunfires and crackers (fire); in short, with violence. I have no idea what we will achieve, or what emotion we will be able to express by firing recklessly with guns, wandering the streets on bikes without silencers, like culprits and mere criminals. Is this a way to celeberate our (so-called) freedom?

Freedom is a great blessing of Allah. Asked what freedom means, from people who are struggling, and sacrificing their lives everyday. Are there not better ways of celebration?

Do we ever think about our present situation, and the we are suffering? I think most of us don’t. Maybe we don’t have the guts to. Or are we scared? Or selfish.

Let’s jog our memories and try to remember what our great leaders wanted from us. Didn’t Jinnah repeatedly express how he wanted to see the youth of this nation stand like pillars of this country? If you believe he was right to wish so, and that if we are the youth he was talking about, do u think we are what he wanted us to be?

You see, the main problem for the Pakistani people, is they never think and focus on our problems. Most of us don’t even go through the daily newspaper. When this is the case, how tackle our issues, whether they are political, educational or social.

So don’t you think we are on the way to darkness. Now the only one way to save our beloved nation is a combination of youth power, youth unity, youth fairness, and youth thoughts. Because our government is actually and purely not our government!

In the end, I encapsulate my article by requesting you again, to leave your comments regarding this topic, because I’m still embroiled in this question.

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  1. Hi. I like your thoughts, and respect them, but couldn’t quite understand what you are trying to say in the 9th para of your article. What exactly is a youth fairness and a youth thought. How do you achieve those, and what do you do with them after achieving them?

    Also, could you kindly elaborate on the following:

    Because our governement is actually and purely not our governement!

  2. Well… “Youth fairness” means the sincerity among the youth, & “Youth thought” implies to the way they think:positive or negaitve.

    So don’t you think that these two elements are so important in that particular aspect.

    Well.. for your second question, i prefer to ask a question rather then answering you that: what do you think about:”Our governement is actually and purely not our governement”

  3. Waqas, your all thoughts are valid but here we should also keep in mind the factors responsible for the frustration of the society. Obviously, the people invloved in such kind of terrorist activities are themselves frustrated and mentally stressed therefore in long terms we should provide enough shelter and food to our people and should promote peace and brotherhood among the masses.

    Mark it, we are a great nation but we are a bit emotional which leds to our downfall. As far as your solution for this situation is a nice one, youth is the backbone of the country. Moreover, you indirectly have criticized miltiary dictatorship. I agree with this, militiary should be separated from politics so that we will change our opinion and will start saying that our government is our government.

    Very few of the youngsters are seen interested in the future of the country and I am happy that you are one of them…Nice article!

  4. Define a great nation? By what possible standard are we a great nation? And when we say our government is not our own, lets think, who makes up our government? who make our public institutions like the WAPDA,KESC, CBR, and the police? The people who were rioting, where did they pop out from? Quebec?
    We’re a mess. We’re not frustrated, we’re demented.The people who attacked the Edhi center were NOT frustrated. Will we stop making excuses for ourselves?!
    Never has any newspaper reported people dying of hunger in Pakistan, because it never happens. Yet people die of hunger in India, but you will never find any indian openly condemning their country.

    Pakistanis are the only people who ask another government to stop giving aid to their country. Pakistani media is the only one openly out to disgrace their nation in the world’s eyes. Frustrated?! are you kidding?

  5. Dude all that is cool, talking about being fair and forthright and yada yada yada….

    but the point is many of us really don’t give a crap about this “great” nation of ours. I promise you if Green Cards were given away we’d chuck away everything we have right now for that little blue passport.

    We don’t respect anyone else’s right to live and let live and we call our selves an “ISLAMIC REPUBLIC”? It’s Ridiculous. We have all contributed to this quagmire that we’re in, and none of us can say that we’re NOT a part of this problem.

    The first priority I think is what a person can do individually is to respect the other person’s point of view and although there may be differences in interpretations, they should have the courtesy to say “Fine, I understand you have a point of view, but I do not agree with it!”

    You don’t need an AK-47 and Suicide Bomber to get your point of view across…

  6. Great nation simply means that we have the enough qualities to beat the world thats it!

    Well, I have already said that there are various factors responsible for this frustration which are not there in India. These factors includes dictatorship as well as the quick changes which are taking place both socially and religiously.

    India is too big to condemn every illegal thing happening there and moreover there media is not new as ours, India is 3 times bigger than Pakistan and mind you they do have a pure democratic system..goverments listen to their voices…their is no question about excuse! Who were those people on 12 may and 28 dec? obviously they were the local ones. Actually this ‘transition phase’ is the major factor for these havocs.

    “Pakistani media is the only one openly out to disgrace their nation in the world’s eyes.”

    Are you sleeping, our media is a new one..obviously it is too going through a transition phase and as soon as it will ends..it will too stop critisizing our own nation!

  7. we have a problem. we hate it when people tell us when we have a problem. i’m trying not to use the word criticism. but we can’t take any of that. we deny when people tell us that there’s something wrong with us. everyone has issues. many people accept that and try to fix them. there’s nothing wrong with it. our media is fine. it’ll grow better. just make sure you let them know when they’re not being professional enough. they’ll listen. trust me.

  8. Why shouldn’t we criticise ourselves? And what are the qualities we have that can beat any nation? And if we have them, why haven’t we beaten any nation yet?

    And 50 years old isn’t new. Yes, for the first time in it’s history it’s actually being given freedom( aah, the perks of dictatorship) and thus our channels and newspapers have gone rampant. the problem of not accepting criticism is deepest in the media. They suffer from a complete lack of accountability, added to the fact that they are very very biased. The past few weeks have shown the extent of their hypocrisy.

  9. dude Rameez i kinda like ur perivous article (http://www.quackonline.net/general/enlightened-moderation/) but I have question does a nation in transition sell out its basic commodities ( or is it a part of the transition phase).

    As for India,there are more than 27 freedom movement besides Kashmir(which we only get to hear) in india, now how can there be pure democracy.

    “Who were those people on 12 may and 28 dec? obviously they were the local ones.”
    the Babri Masjid sanayha, you have them on videos, each & every1 was from within India.
    in the blast incident you really don’t know who it really was.

    India is also going through a transition phase and i m quite sure that its media also isnt mature enough….

    “Are you sleeping, our media is a new one..obviously it is too going through a transition phase and as soon as it will ends..it will too stop criticizing our own nation!”

    ya sure u r rite man…..when (GOD FORBID) Pakistan is no more then i guess…..

    dude i ain’t against any change, i love changes but it has to be in a positive manner…. vote for the independent electorate ;-)….

  10. Babar, did you know that there is not a single, large large country in the world where there are zero separatist movements of some intensity? They have been there since time immemorial.

    You don’t judge if a country is better off or not by the number of separatist movements going on in there. Otherwise, you would have known that the United Kingdom has at least 7 separatist movements (and those are only within the British Isles and UK is TINY!!). Alternatively, the United States of America itself is afflicted by at least 17 separatist movements. Yet you never get to hear about that! So this is just not a valid argument.

    HOWEVER, If you are bent on playing that card, have a look below and decide who is worst off.

    India consists of approx. 35 administrative divisions (28 states + 7 union territories) and over 2000 ethnic groups, with a pop. of 1.2Billion. Despite all that, there are as you say 27 separatist movements out of which only few are strong.

    After carelessly losing our bigger population chunk some decades back, Pakistan has only 4 provinces and roughly 15 (distinctly major+minor) ethnic groups, with a population of 170 million. Yet we have more separatist movements than a total of our provinces which include Balwaristan, Waziristan, Balochistan, Sindh, (There’s one in Punjab I don’t remember), Within Sindh-Karachi,NWFP, Not to mention the Kashmir issue which isn’t as simple as our textbooks tell us, and that’s to name a few.

  11. we have to start by pointing out what we are doing wrong. Self analysis is the first step towards solving one’s own problems. We can’t expect that a certain system or a certain person has all the answers.
    As pakistani’s we’re always either trying to justify our actions, or blaming everything else for whatever happened. We have to change our attitude before we can actually make a difference.

  12. What i think is yes, it is a part of this transition phase, there are up and downs, there occurs inflation as well, but as soon as the economy stabilizes, the country quickly fixes itself into an stable position.

    India is a better democratic nation beacuse there are no or less militiary take overs plus India’s media is older than the Pakistani one and yes I think they are running towards prosperity much faster than Pakistan.

    Hira, I like your point, we should start with ourselves and should end this difference in our sayings and our pratices…

  13. hello every one… i think my article was too hot to beared by u all… that’s i want to describe in my article… Well Hira said very right that Analysing is the first step…
    but analysing is not enough, is it? Analysing is way to find out, what the problem is, not the reasons that have been the benchmark of all these problem, for a long time, so go for the reasons… go in depth and sweep out all these problems.

  14. And as Hira said: if our govt. is not our govt., then who made the WAPDA and KESC???
    But dear, is producing electricity and supplying water, enough for a govt to look after a 16 carore people… i think u must be kidding… because there are so many other reasons, that compelled me to say that “Our government is not our government” i m talking about all those reasons that have made us scared… thats why i wrote in my article “THINK ABOUT IT”

  15. You don’t make sense, waqas. You keep stating ‘reasons’ without giving any. The government is made of ‘us’ pakistanis. The institutions are made of the same pakistanis. Corruption is in every layer of our society, not just the higher ups. Intolerance is in every layer. As is incompetency.
    How can you sweep out a problem when you don’t know what it is, and where it comes from? No surgeon cuts up a patient without knowing whether he has a heart problem, appendicitis, or a broken arm.


    that is the main reason due to which we are lagging behind in almost every field of life … if some one gets ahead of us we just stop and try to measure the opponents distance covered instead of pushing ourselves harder in order to get ahead ….

    we don’t need to go through the newspapers to tackle our issues … have a practical approach … hard working is the only way for solving all of our problems …..

    aik aur chootee se baat shaid kisi ne notice ke ho …. aksar loog kisi kaam se bahi nikaltay hain ya namaz perh ker wapis aarahay hotay hain to rastay mein toliyan bana ker kharay hojatay hain ….. agar aap kisi bhi developed country ke logon ke saath comparison kerain …. u’ll se that they dont just stand chattering idly church se nikalne ke baad sedhay apnay kam se jatay hain …….

    sara masla he time management ka hai … aur hum baray mazay se kehtay hain ke aaj ka zamana bahut taiz hai kisi ke pass time nahi ….

  17. Saad, you Lovely Big Bear, Who knew you could come up with some amazingly Profound Truths! 😛

  18. The only truth is that we have forgotton the teachings of Quran and Sunnah and that is te only reason, there is so much sufferings. Many People say ‘be united’. Just by saying ‘be united’ wont do any good, the only THING that can unite us is the ROPE OF ALLAH which is the Quran Majeed and the Sunnah of our Prophet (Peace be upon him). It presents the complete way of life and it is the only thing which clear our main goal and objective why we are in this world and it is the only thing which can unite us…. NOTHING ELSE!

    “And hold fast by the rope, which Allah has stretched out for you and be not divide among yourseves”

    As a students, we can atleast promise ourselves that we wont cheat in exams because even if we fool the teacher, we cannot fool Allah.

    As a daughter/son, we can atleast respect our elders, help them, care for them, listen to them, talk to them

    As a friend, we can atleast have good company, indulge ourseles in good, teach good and forbid evil

    As a neighbor, we can atleast share the pain of our neighbors

    As a Muslim, we have to learn Quran and teach it to others.

    We have to change ourselves because it is our sins that bring us into trouble.

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