Will anybody answer my question??

Saturday, 28th June 2008 (9:00am): Me and my friend had to attend a conference at Nawabshah and we were waiting for our coaster in front of KFC restaurant situated at Boat Basin Karachi. My friend took out his cell phone and start reading his text messages. Eventually, two persons riding on a motorcycle came from behind. They surveyed the area and then one of them get of the motorbike, took a round and came in front of us. He pulled out a pistol and loaded it at once. Guy asked me and my friend to give our cell phones to him. We had no option so we did what he asked..!!

Last Week of May 2010 (8:15pm): Me and my brother were studying as we both had our exams the very next day. Eventually, we heard 3 gun shots near our home. We get out of our home and saw people gathered around the dead body of a shopkeeper who was shot down by unknown persons. That poor guy owned a mobile phone shop and was reported to be involved with a political party.

Wednesday, 1st September 2010 (7:15am): I was going to my work place on a public transport bus route D-11. When vehicle passed the Hassan Square flyover, a guy entered the bus from front door. He pulled out a pistol and loaded it. At the same time, 2-3 of his associates entered the vehicle from the door behind and asked everyone to take out their wallets and mobile phones. Every person sitting on that transport vehicle lost his/her valuables including cell phones and cash. I lost my cell phone..!!

Wednesday, 10th November 2010 (7:35am): I was waiting for my bus at Nath Khan Goth bus stop. It was a working day after a holiday so everyone was rushing to their workplaces. Traffic was running on the road and everything looks great. Eventually, a vehicle from behind struck a mini bus (Muslim coach). Impact was horrifying. Passengers standing on the door step dangerously fell on the road. Motorcycles from behind slipped. One or two persons possibly came under wheels and were seriously injured. I don’t know what happened later.

Since my childhood, I was a patriot. I had really loved this country. I had loved my city. I had loved my people. I had complete trust on my city, its people and government authorities and I could never expect that this city or country at large will hurt me until I saw and went through these situations. I saw fear. I saw blood. I saw weapons. I saw gun shots. I saw bomb blasts. I saw street crimes. In simple, I saw a deadly dangerous society where life, respect and valuables of one remain insecure. Feeling of insecurity, once lost, is quite hard to come back and that is what is happening with the citizens of Pakistan.

Events I discussed above are those which I saw or I went through. This state experiences these kind of incidents daily. I am not a politician. I am not an analyst. I am not a bureaucrat. I am not a member of parliament and I really don’t know what democracy is. I just want to ask a simple question and that question is: Who will bring again my lost patriotism back?? Who will restore my trust on my people and my government authorities?? It is not me speaking. It is the voice of thousands of those patriots who are not patriots anymore. With every suicide bombing or target killing or a road accident or a street crime, we lose hundreds of patriotic families. Pakistanis are drastically losing their trust and patriotism and both of these once lost, hardly comes back…!!

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  1. Rameez-I am sorry about all the tragic incidents you experienced but patriortism in not for the people who commit crime, its for your country. I think after experiencing this much you should be more patriortic in a sense to find out solution abt these problems. I know it is not the job of one person but if each and every person plays his/her role towards betterment of their ownselves and also keep alive the fire of patriortism in their heart – we can improve buddy. I am sharing a link below which i recommend you to visit and see that there are alot more dangerous places in the world – even more than Pakistan.


    My point of writing this much is just that we should realize that problems have nothing to do with our patriortism as we should love our country and do seek all the possibilites in order to move towards a better society.

    Cheers – Adeel Khan

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