Welcome to Quack, the TIP weekly

Quack has its beginnings as the weekly student news bulletin of the Textile Institute of Pakistan, established by Rabia Shah (class of 2002) in 2001. During Rabia’s reign as Editor, Quack became an important part of the TIP culture. Students would eagerly wait the time Monday morning, when the latest Quack would be posted on the notice boards. Quack became not only an important source of news at TIP, it also was an outlet for students to vent their feelings, frustrations, and aspirations about TIP, its administration and faculty.

This website aims to re-invograte what Quack stood for, by providing an easy outlet for students to post their views, news, and anything else they may want. This website is a typical blog (web log), where registered users can easily post articles. These articles will be available online for comment and review, before the best and most relevant few are selected for publication in the print edition.

All Tipians are welcome to contact the author to register.