5 Replies to “Textile picture caption”

  1. well those 2 chambers seem like mixers , so my guess wud be its an extrusion machine for some synthetic yarn

  2. Mako! You are right! In fact yuou are all correct! Its a state of the art bicomponent extrusion plant by Fourne. In this picture you can only see the top part with the two extruders and the spin head. I wouldn’t have been able to guess myself. You win the right to write an guest article on Quack!

    Mako, our wonderful commenting system tells us that you are from UNL? is that true? What brings you to our website?

  3. @abid yeah i was in unl a week ago , currently at ncsu
    n im from da jungle too like i say it
    a texpert đŸ˜‰
    n i am not the article writing type

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