Freshmen? Rag ’em!

The largest batch of freshmen entered TIP on the 1st September. However,much to the disappointment of the mailaz of TIP the girls to guys ratio still remains the same, even lower than before. The guys have really come in bulk (much to the delight of hostelites). The ragging continued throughout the week, ranging from the usual snatching away of wallets and watches, to the people being made to sing and dance on embarrassing numbers.

One particular freshman tried to propose to an alreadey taken girl, only to have a the girl throw Pepsi over him! One a more serious note, one 3rd year student slapped around a scared freshmen – this lead to his suspension for two weeks from flauting his �macho-pan.� Aa lesson to remember indeed!

All in all, it went well in GOOD spirits. Our online voting shows that 100% of the students polled said about their first day that they “Loved it!! Couldn’t have been better!.”

2 Replies to “Freshmen? Rag ’em!”

  1. thats not ragging/ thats not any normal person’s idea of fun either!! snatching stuff: thats THEFT!! ROBBERY!! and the perverted ideas of ragging?? that sure reflects the diseased minds of our so called civilized members of the society and their family backgrounds~ and worse, when the incompetence of the teachers, dean, president (read:higher authorities) show when no action is taken to prevent all this!!seems like they enjoy it all too!! i mean some students are there only to study too and not to have fun! they know what their parents are going through to pay for this education! who cares, right??

    cowards!! the seniors who take revenge from people who have never done tthem harm, and from people who are weaker than them for the stimulation of their diseased minds!!

  2. Well yes that is not fair i agree, but then again there was action taken against those who got caught.

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