Orientation ki bohat tension

After a three-month long vacation, we finally joined TIP again with a lot of excitement especially regarding ragging of the freshmen students. The seniors had made many plans how to rag the juniors and a lot of enthusiasm could be seen among them. Their patience bore fruit and the freshmen arrived in TIP on August 30th. They were received with sounds of applaud, or should I say we welcomed them by hooting.

For them, we seemed to be a bunch of weird species, which were waiting for their victims for ages. The first impression of TIPians is always like that! I remember my first day at TIP, seeing Faraz Baji delivering his speech in the auditorium, made me think for a second, “am I in a human world?.” But first impressions are not always last impressions! That people learn with time. Ragging is the most wonderful moment of a senior’s life as they tease the freshmen in the same manner they once were teased by their seniors. It is just a way of building friendly relations with the juniors and making them adjust to the university environment (if ragging is done under a limit).

Some students get ragged easily; students who are broad minded and know that one day they will get the same chance. But some of them! They are crybabies and instead of enjoying this part of life they start complaining and start behaving rudely.

Orientation Suspension Plan

Ragging in TIP was in full swing when suddenly a terrifying voice,a voice not normally heard from a very quiet teacher, our Dean, Dr. Shoaib Arif, banned ragging in a matter of minutes and instantly suspended some students (verbally). If the suspension in TIP continues at such speed, I fear, the teachers would be teaching in empty classes. If I go back to that elfi wala incident three months back, although for me it was a prank from the fourth year side, and in my opinion, it was a joke which should be remembered as a piece of cheap entertainment and must be received as a farewell gift from the fourth year students, but the situation got worst when those students got suspended.

After back-to-back suspensions, all the students got so much afraid of committing any action in TIP. Because students are now not sure what is the right thing to do (of course the elfi wala scene wasn;t the right thing to do) and on doing what will the teachers suddenly hand them a detention notice. I am also very scared as I write my views in Quack, may be a teacher won’t like my opinion and suspend me too!!!

At the end of the orientation day, when the freshmen were supposed to be ragged, the seniors got ragged by the teachers and the Orientation Day became Suspension day.

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  1. Nice article Miss Aisha. It was grammatically correct but yes some one was right when he said it lacks the cutting edge.

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