TIP’s Ragging Style

Did you know that many visitors on Quack! Online come looking for the term ‘ragging’? Following up on the previous article on the topic, Mister Ragging, Rest in peace, here is a video that shows you exactly how ragging is carried out at TIP.

Quack! Online has a whole category of articles on ragging. There are many different opinions on ragging, but do have a read of Ten Myths about Ragging, and then lets hear your opinion.

9 Replies to “TIP’s Ragging Style”

  1. We have no idea who the creator is. We’ve only embedded the video here, and you can follow the link to where the creator has put up the video.

    We are interested in knowing who made this video, so if you are reading this let us know.

  2. Let’s keep in mind that this video consists of selected(censored) video clips of last year’s ragging, which was less intense than what used to happen in earlier years. Especially in the hostel and bus points.

  3. i remember playing that vdo instead of the strict ban on it ,in the auditorium, when mr Ali hafiz broke into and shriked like a rhino!lol…Ali u wont regret getting vanished at that time…lol…it was fun…i suggest that u people should play it in the freshmen gala!

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