Basketball & Volleyball coming soon

With volleyball becoming an ever popular sport at TIP, the administration has is developing a proper volleyball court by the lake. The basketball court is also in its final stages of completion next to the volleyball court (where the tennis court is suppossed to be!). Students interested in playing college volleyball and basketball must register with the TISF Sports Secretary Arafat Tahir.

5 Replies to “Basketball & Volleyball coming soon”

  1. to get into cricket team oF TIp….tELL me yaroooooon …i wana Use mY tALenT;)SHoAIb AKhT3R KazmE;)

  2. Alee, contact our Sports Secretary Arafat Tahir, or any of the other TISF members for information on our cricket team.

    BTW, you might want to get your keyboard checked, it seems your shift or caps lock key gets stuck.

  3. **** just its good to see the basket and voleyball courts in final stage and thats really mindblowing.WEll to get register, what do we have to do> PLz let meknow PLZZZZZ**********

  4. arfaat u gion bohat tight beta….buss yaar mujhey behe rejister ke rleye apni commettes…u dion gud..keep it up….koi bachion wachion ke sath ex sport sec ka match tu karva….bed poolo is the name of sport..:)

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