Coaching Sports at TIP

  1. Are students serious about sports to justify hiring a coach?
  2. Is the administration ready to commit the time and finances required to develop a sports program (or culture)?

The administration is considering hiring a sports coach at TIP. Mr. Ali Hafeez Azmat (Textile Science Faculty and Sports Coordinator) is currently interviewing suitable candidates. He claims that having a coach will provide the necessary discipline and team-spirit in students, as well as inculcating the virtues of patience and perseverance under the guidance of a professional. This coach would be ideally for cricket, football and basketball, and would provide general fitness training including stamina and strength building. He would organize and oversee inter- and intra-university sports.

Mr. Hafeez also claims that the Higher Education Commission wants sports programs to be a part of university curriculums to allow students to develop other necessary skills. HEC initiated the Pakistan University Games project in 2004 to develop sporting competitions between universities across Pakistan.

“Sports provide unlimited opportunities for developing human abilities both physical and mental. It is through Sports that one learns to acquire many useful skills required for overall development of a human body. Sports are the greatest factor for developing one’s personality. It is the reason that developed nations around the world always accord top priority to the sports in their national development programs.

Students after going through hectic load of studies in the educational institutions vividly need a healthy outlet to refresh and rejuvenate their energies. Such healthy opportunities are provided to them through sports activities at various levels.”

Mr. Hafeez stated that this is a first step to developing a successful sports culture. Ultimately, he envisions a curriculum where students are required to take up at least one sport over their four years here which is allocated a Pass/Fail credit hour criteria.

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  1. i think it’s a great idea. There’s more to life than just academics, and any activity, be it sport, or debate, or dramatics should be given credit hour status. At least that way people will spend more time doing something constructive and less time sitting in the cafeteria staring at eachother.

  2. wEll, sir Ali Hafiz is very rit , n bieng a member of TIP’s cricket team from (AMM-1) i wanted some credentials for playing for TIP as i have played at many big levels , n thinking abt credit hrs is a gr8 idea n it mst go on , well beside my own thoughts i think TIP’s culture is going towards politics n all that favouritism among students , n this is jst becuase the team selectors are student themselves , 1st this should b corrected , like Mr.ali hafeez has decided to appoint a coach n i think when he will have the authority to select the team n all the other matters , the system n TIP’s sports culture will develop….

  3. We have a coach now. And now that there’s a person around it seems that things will get done.

    I could be wrong though. You never know!

  4. On a positive note, we have Mr. Yusuf Khan, who has professionally coached in Basketball, Cricket n Football and is able to cater other games of interest aswell. His role will be to assist those who are interested in hardcore sports and those who desire living a healthier lifestyle through some form of basic exercises n low endurence sports.
    And now the not so bright thought – students backing out from taking the efforts to enhance their gameskills. what say you?

  5. We played our first basketball game against greenwich today. Lost 30-50. Not bad for our first game against last years HEC zonal champs.

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