h3. Football Tournament Update

* Boyzhawk beat men in black 10-4
* Red Devils beat jigers 10-3
* Seven Baloch beat Sada Seven 4-2
* Mental-IDES got a walkover against FC-LIASON
* Agha’s Eleven beat Top dogs 4-2
* Samina ki Guriya beat Champions 2004 10-0
* Hostelites beat Sani-dhapa 2-0
* MPLB got a walkover agaist Sky level
* Boyz Hawk beat Red Devils 3-2
* Seven Baloch beat Mental-IDES 4-2
* Samina Ki Guriya beat Agha’s Eleven 3-0
* Hostelites beat MPLB 6-3

h3. Semi-Finals

* Boyz Hawk got a walkover against Seven Baloch
* Hostelites Beat Samina Ki Guriya 3-1 on penalty shootouts after a 4-4 tie.

The final between *Hostelites* and *Boyz Hawk* will be played on Wednesday, 22nd September, 2004 during TISF activity time.

10 Replies to “FOOTSOL 2004”

  1. mariam, the pics pasted are very small, although theya rent o TIP but atleast exapnd the size so that thora sa look ajaye

  2. Bosth the Finalists are really Lucky!!! TS2A wasn’t in the lineup.Ek to humari team ko anay nahin dia, SAjish haan Aglay tournament mian dekhlaingay …..

  3. Assalam o Alaikum,
    the tournament was outstanding from the first match to the last match but the refreeing, terrible it was like a farmaishi program “aap ko konsa refree pasand hai?”. in situations like these everyone players and organisers should forget that the players are there friends, also I had never seen a team of two play against a team of four.
    Kamal a piece of advise make sure that the next time u organise a tournament recheck the rules that have been made otherwise there will be many phadas

  4. all round a very good tournament,well conducted,with least phadas.ALL credit goes to kamal and his team especially gazanfar..well done guyzz. hope the same for criket tournament..

  5. Assalamu Alaikum !!

    thanx GOD that He enabled us to arrange such a tournament . However there were some weakneesses which i would like to overcome in the future . Aasim , Muzzammil , Babar , Fareed , Ghazanar , Haris Hussain , Haris Dewan , Ibrahim ,Saad Mahmud n Saad for managing such an event !! specially Aasim, Muzzamil, Babar n Ghazanfar without them it would be extremely difficult to arrange this event !for any advice , healthy criticism or suggestions u can directly come to me !! i m looking forward for that . i would also like to thank Bhatti for arranging Points on such a short notice n for his moral support !! may Allah bless all of u !

  6. hey u hant written anything about what had happened in the semifinals ………
    and is there any PICs where r they……..
    post them as soon as possible

    sorry for delaying the comment but i have just joined this channel….no doubt the tournament was well organized i congratulate KAMAL, HARIS, FAREED, BABAR, ASIM etc etc for organizing such a gr8 event on such a short notice..very well done…the only thing that was not upto the standards were the refrees….i think VaD@Am! is absolutely right that when you are a refree you should be neutral & should forget that the players are your friends…abt the teams i would say that the RED DEVILS were the best (in my opinion) although they lost to the BOYZ HAWK but that was not a fair match….their players were pushed & many fouls were commited by the BOYZ HAWK but bcoz they were seniors they were not shown cards & the slimmy players of the DEVILS (ASIM, MUZAMMIL, ADNAN & HARIS) were just lying on the court pleading the refree for a foul….once ASIF bhai commited a foul against MUZAMMIL & deserved a card but was not sent off bcoz he was already booked (got a yellow card) & i was very much disappointed & amazed to hear these words “YAAR CHORO PEHLE HI WARNING PER HAI, YELLOW CARD MIL CHUKA HAI AB BAAHER HO JAYE GA GAME SE”, spoken by the refree of that match KAMAL bhai….but RED DEVILS well done….AAKHIR SENIORS HAIN TUMHARE ITNA TO BARDAASHT KERNA PARE GA….

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