Hostel Super Seven Cricket Tournament

The above tournament was organized by the hostel sports committee managed by Adeel Sardar in collaboration with TISF sports. There were total four teams one from each year.

The air and excitement was mounting starting from the very first ball. In the first round there where upsets when Loosees(first year) defeated Dashkrays (fourth year) while Shashka party (third year) out-performed D (second year).

The second round was more tough and nerve-racking. It created a thrill when the deciding match between Dashkrays(fourth year) and Shashka party(third year) was ended up undecided. Imagine a last over and you need a five runs to go to the final whereas five balls have gone missed. However no body was expecting the unexpected yet it happened with a short ended up with four leaving every one stunned. Indeed someone has rightly said ‘The game isn’t over till it’s over’

Thus it was decided that the match will be played again and when it did no body was expecting that history can repeat itself so speedily. There was a same situation once again when Dashkrays (fourth year) needed five runs to go but this time the luck was with Shashka party (third year) and the final ball was missed.

The final between Loosees (first year) and Shashka party (third year) was again a match to remember when shashka party was given a target of 54 runs in eight overs. Loosees (first year) did an excellent job throughout the tournament and gave them tough time when in the final over shashka party needed 9 runs while having no wicket in hand. Moreover it was due to some wide deliveries that the scored was achieved on a second last ball.The prize for the winning team was decided a Karhayee which other players will present to the winning team.The tournament was a great success and provides an opportunity especially for first years to show their talent.