Intervarsity Sports Schedule – 2006-07

Welcome to FALL 2006

Please inquire for further details / inform your interest to participate to Mr. Yusuf Khan – Coach TIP Sports.

Date:                                   Event                                  Venue

November 1st 2006              Football                             Mehran

                 23rd                 Cricket (Women)                 Sindh


January 14th 2007                 Squash                             NED

             23rd                          Badminton                      Mehran

             25-26th                    Boxing                            Karachi/Tandojam

             27th                          Tennis                                    Mehran


Febuary 9-10 2007               Sailing                                    Bahria

              25th                         Hockey                                   NED


March 5th 2007                     Basketball                              Greenwich


April 17-18 2007                  Rowing                                  NED


May 14-15th 2007                 Swimming                            Karachi

        14-15th                          Water Polo                            Karachi



4 Replies to “Intervarsity Sports Schedule – 2006-07”

  1. Thank you Aisha. Please note, this is the first time that HEC is having so many events being hosted by Sindh based universities. Now, all depends on our students – who would be keen to COMPETE?

  2. Here my question to Sir ALI HAFEEZ that will u respond to my comment my ideas r same regarding the improvement of sports but why not that time when i was in the race of sports as well…with thanx…waiting

  3. Assalam o alaikum Faizul,

    1. To my knowledge – TIP never had an organized Sports Dept. since inception. Therefore all sporting activities were organized by a student – TISF Sports Secretary.

    2. I joined in 2003 and due to self-interest created a Sports dept. with our first ever (with reference to point no.1) participation in HEC sponsored Inter-University tournament.

    3. Now, in March 2006, TIP has hired a Coach- Mr. Yusuf Khan, who can better manage and guide students to excel into their choice of competitive sporting activity.


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