PUG 2005 Basketball

Our 2nd attempt at the 2nd Pakistan University Games 2005 has been initiated with the team event of Basketball last Saturday March 5, 2005 at the KPT Complex. We faced Mehran as our opponents. Unfortunately we lost (TIP 24 vs Mehran 32) but gave them a game to remember us, which is why the referees of the tournament awarded us a consolation prize.

Anyway, consider these options prior to degrading my brave heroes who squeezed upon their precious time to add grace to TIP by participating rather than giving the opposition team a walk-over. The challenges of the First Exam having a weightage of 25% rather than just 15%, two exams on the first day, and then assembling a team overnight in order to play together for the first time at the tournament only as the team was split-up between hostelites and day students.

The team comprised of Aasim Ahmed (captain), Zain Hasan, Mohsin Ali Sadiq, Minhaj Maroof, Adnan Dohadwala, Muzammil Ahmed, Khurram Ejaz, and Shayan Usmani.

Aasim and Zain were informed two weeks prior to the match, but the fright of exams was making our participation difficult. But at the eleventh hour lo and behold – transport (courtesy of Mohsin) and Shayan (for arranging the uniforms) and Aasim/ Zain team putting the rest together.

Next time! we get trainers and a coach and win some games…

Originally posted by Ali Hafeez on Orkut.