Regarding Sports

The overall situation in TIP regarding sports has been kinda blah! Although a lot of commitment has been shown by some individuals and our sports coordinator Ali Hafeez Azmat (Textile Science Faculty and designer of custom golf balls), the sports community in tip is still subject to a lot of criticism.

You may have heard the news that TIP is considering hiring a coach. Getting a coach for sports and fitness is a good start. He maybe able to inspire the sportsman in all of us. I know a lot of students who are good at more than just one sport and are not given due opportunity, may it be prejudice or politics – that’s a different story.

But this initiative will fail if the person appointed is not given the due authority and finances to get things done around here. Being a member of the sporting community, I still don’t understand a few norms we follow. But I’ve got my place in the sport I play so I continue to make efforts for it.

I hope this step will create due awareness about sports required around this place because seriously we have a lot of time to kill around here – more than we would to admit!