Think Cricket, Eat Cricket, Sleep Cricket, Play Cricket

cricket.gifTISF brings you another bogus event. For the next week prepare and make yourself and your team organized for the upcoming Night Cricket Tournament at TIP. Preparations are already in progress to make it as exciting as possible.

Tournament Dates: 19th, 20th & 21st February 2004

Team registration forms are available from Reprography office.

Texperts are most welcome to register their team for the tournament.

For any quary or registration please feel free to contact Arafat Tahir, Sports Secretary TISF, at 0333-2245078.

2 Replies to “Think Cricket, Eat Cricket, Sleep Cricket, Play Cricket”

  1. Hello to every1 on this quack … its the first time i m writing ever in my tip’s life for this quack, neways its an excellent effort (this goes to whoever is the inventor(i guess abid) & please then don’t fight for the credits(TISF):-)) … Saboor, y hav u programmed this cricket tournament for 3 days… how cum texperts can play at tip on these days…

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