TIP loses due to lack of practice!

In their first match against KU, TIP’s volleyball team lost 3-0. TIP’s performance on the whole wasn’t bad considering the fact that they played their first volleyball match as a team against a highly experienced team which has been in regular practice.

After losing the first game 25-6, TIP showed improvement in the second and third games with scores of 25-8 and 25-12.

A better performance is expected in the second match against Urdu Science University on Saturday.


Naeem Bukhari
Arafat Tahir
Danish Mansoori
Hammad Siddiqui
Ahsan Bari
Omair Alavi
Salman Hussain
Aasim Ahmed

The team members are thankful to Mr. Ali Hafeez for his support in getting the team together and making our participation in the ‘1st University Games 2004’ possible.

6 Replies to “TIP loses due to lack of practice!”

  1. hey never mind … we lost but u guyz tried… by getting experience n pratice we will start winning … best wishes for the next match ….

  2. Second match was a walkover, now Islamabad here we come.. as long as we can raise some funding for kits and travel.. HELP!!!!

  3. Can we please get the update on the cricket matches played in the 1st Pakistan Universities Games 2004 aswell.. Ok here is a brief insight.. TIP won against Greenwich and lost against NED in the Knockout tournament’s second stage

  4. the basic reason behind the defeats of TIP is that we play for our selves not for our team !! we want to show the talent we have but in the meanwhile we forget that we r playing as a team!!

  5. Another reason behind the defeats is that the one whoz playing in cricket is playing in basketball n also in football and in volleyball as well!! So what if we are out of cricket we have a chance in football ok yaar v r out from that as well but we have a chance in volleyball !!

  6. wowww…….welll i saw those matchess,hey tip ur team was classic but from the downside,u need hell lots of practise,and beleive me the day u play there at islamabad,that would be the most embarrasing day for u,include players who reaally know how to deal with the worst..only then they can deal with the tough….Goodluck

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