TIP Street Ball

By Mohsin Ali Sadiq TS2B


Yes, TIP Street-ball happened. The tournament which was supposed to take place last semester came through and finally took place on the eve of 22nd February at about 5:30 and ended at around 8: 30 with a lot of laughter and entertainment for the crowd.



GAME 2: TMM4 (4) – HATO BACHO (3)



GAME 5: TMM4 (4) – SHABI’S THREE (2)-fouled out

FINAL: ROCKERS (11) – TMM4 (4)

I must admit, TIP Street-ball being the first tournament I conducted, had many moments of frustration and sheer anger. I had to alter many mandatory rules, change the format of the tournament and make all sorts of exceptions just to get things going. And although the purpose of this tournament was not completely accomplished, the response I got was well if I said promising I would be pushing it a bit. But in all seriousness, the tournament definitely created awareness that there exists this modified version of basketball called “street-ball’ and its all about having fun.

The participation was kind of below the mark. I was expecting to see some fresh blood on the court and all I got were old horses many of whom couldn’t even run. But there were two valiant freshmen Haziq Ahmed and Dara Amir of AMM1 who had joined forces to take on a game they’d never played before. Their team “Strikers” put up a show which had its moments of awe. I’ve got to hand it to them – The enthusiasm shown by these youngsters for a game which requires an education was tremendous. They lost their first match but came back strongly in the second when they beat Shabi’s Three by 6-2. The “Strikers” came out in third place.

There was another freshman, Ali Haroon of TDT1, who had formed the team “Hato Bacho” with TMM4’s Shayan who also happens to be TIP’s basket-ball team captain. Their team had a tight first match with the team representing TMM4 and a high scoring second match with the “Rockers” but lost both of them largely due to a mediocre performance by the freshman. The cheers he got in the second match did nothing but affect his play in the game. He was however, successful in scoring a point in each match.

The tournament final was between the team representing TMM4 and the “Rockers”. Both teams were unbeaten in the two matches they played. The elimination matches were a race to 9 points with a time limit of 12 minutes. The final was a race to 11 points with a time limit of 15 minutes. None of the matches had seen a victory where a team was able to actually get to the 9 point mark. But the final was an exception. Not only did the “Rockers” score 11 points, they did in good time and style. Adnan Dohadwala of TS3B and Abdul Rehman of AMM3 proved to be too good a team for their opponents. Abdul Rehman scored 10 points in the match and was well assisted by Adnan who chipped in with a point and a few steals. TMM4 were only able to score 4. Abdul Rehman was also the unanimous choice for the “Player of the Tournament” award by both me and Aasim Ahmed, my fellow coordinator and referee.

The most entertaining match of the tournament was the one played between TMM4 and Shabi’s Three. I mean, this was a match which had the crowd roaring, got many cheers from the back and even had Aasim and me laughing like crazy. There wasn’t a moment in the match when the Shabi’s Three didn’t commit a foul. Salman of TS2B became the first player in the tournament to receive a technical when stampeded Amar of TMM2 across the court. Shabi of TS2B was next. He literally clung to the back of TMM4’s Kamal, who’s a walking mountain of muscle himself. But this didn’t stop “Shabi’s Three” and they continued on their rampage of committing fouls. Aasim’s look from across court suggested amusement and confusion both on the style of the play taking place and my laughter rather than proper officiating. Eventually, Salman was fouled out of the game when he was given the second technical foul for excessive physical play. Then, Ali Hakeem of TS2A came into the match and tried to create an impression in his own way. But Shabi took the responsibility of committing fouls upon him and was ultimately given the second technical foul. “Shabi’s Three” had to forfeit because they had no other substitutes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sir Ali Hafeez for constantly supporting TIP street-ball, Ghazanfar Bhai who took great interest in our tournament and stood by us during the entire thing, Raza for providing us with the necessary equipment and most of all, a date for the tournament and all the players who participated in it. Above all I would like to thank Aasim who was probably the only person I could turn to during this tournament and who made sure that I kept my cool and things went the way we had planned. He was the one who didn’t let me stray during the entire thing – dude, if I were a chick, I’d definitely dig u. And I would also like to thank all my colleagues from different batches who with their cynicism and sarcasm continually motivated me.

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  1. Not to mention. Haziq was the only one in the tournament to score three pointers. He scored three shots from outside the D area.

    Adnan Dohadwala supported his team mate Abdul Rehman well by playing a very non selfish game and pulling off some great passes.

    Amar Ata played well for TMM4.

  2. True Man! It was a pretty fun Match, Hopefully we’ll see some ‘Stallions’ instead of mules in the next match! We just participated for the heck of it!!
    Sad thing you & Asim didn’t participate!

  3. Gud moments..different style..yet refreshingly good..thumbs up to aasim and mohsin and others who backed them up…a good experience all in all..

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