Unilympics ’10

An inter-university sports event was organized by NU-FAST at their main campus on 17th and 18th of March. Teams from TIP participated in three different games i.e. Futsul, Volley Ball and Table Tennis. Unfortunately, our volley ball and table tennis teams were not able to qualify to the next round, but our futsul team played really good and qualified for semi-finals after defeating PAF-KIET and the home team of NU-FAST, interestingly the decision for both the matches was made on penalty shootouts. Our goal keeper, Qasim and Arsalan defended very well against the shootouts of opponent team players.

On the second day, TIP had her first match against Iqra University which was again decided on penalty shootouts and TIP won the match by 4-1 and qualified for the finals. TIP played the finals against NU-FAST, the home team again. The final was a though one, our players played really well on the field and non of the team made any goal on the field, the match was decided on penalty shootouts and TIP lost it by 4-3 in the final.

Hats off for our team for winning runner-up trophy of futsul in Unilympics ’10.

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