TISF reforms – vanquish the lakeer!!

Indeed, TISF has no doubt been arranging events successfully. They should be commended for all their hard work they do in order to entertain the masses and then listen to every negative comment that is on offer which also includes “paisay kha liye”. Hats off to all the people associated with TISF in any capacity.

But the real reason for its coming into existence has been lost somewhere and it is now only working as an event management committee, as Sarim rightfully pointed out.

The TISF website reads “TISF is as old as TIP.  The need for a common student’s voice was felt as soon as the first academic session started at TIP, so that student problems could be communicated to the management effectively.”

This is not the case at all, currently. So much so that over the years, due to our negligence, we have come to a point where most of people in the management and the faculty, it seems, knowingly do not want to listen to what we have to say. The thing we would like to mention here is that not all of us like to complain about everything, and we understand that everything cannot be solved by the management – they are here to manage affairs on a short term basis and all the big decisions are made by the Board of Governors.

Still, the management should be made to realize that students are not just brainless creatures; and things we say are not always because of our so called “non serious attitude”. Come on, we also have minds of our own. We are young adults, and we can think clearly.

Without going into much detail, the point we as students need to realize is that this is OUR university and only we can make our experience worthwhile by acting responsibly. Why should students be afraid to raise issues, because our grades are at stake?

A strong student forum would take up serious issues in a concrete manner, while also dropping the many silly things we as students will come up with.

And all this does not mean that all the entertainment we get should be done away with, not at all, we don’t want to make TIP boring or lose its colors at all.

This is a chance to make our voices heard, to make ourselves valuable and make our stay at TIP worthwhile. We should not squander this opportunity for the betterment of TISF.

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  1. thank you asim bhai for supporting this movement.i hope the students of tip can bring a positive change in this system this time.

  2. indeed it is a very good idea… and I totally agree to what sarim said i.e. the TISF has been more so an event managing committee rather than a pure student voice (not that I’m discouraging the past TISFs’ efforts to be honest)… and I think it would be a total different experience to have seperate heads on different levels (Societies), nevertheless there is nothing to be forgone as it seems quite simple and clear & InshaAllah hopefully it would bring positive changes which are none other than for the betterment for us (students) & in the long run for TIP aswell…

  3. its actually sad to see that there was a never ending chain of complains/support for the last event the TISF arranged but ppl hardly seem concerned for this issue. really shows how much we think.

  4. and sarim something positive is that i know other people too who really want this change to come though currently they r not coming out with their feelings in public.
    lets hope it turns out to be positive. though i hav v. little time left in TIP, but still i’d like to add something positive.

  5. i have to second everyone here ! the only thing we can associate TISF with now are the events but this student body is more then just that ! there are issues out there that need to be heard … things like the cafe food ! why the heck is there a huge mismanagement when it comes to internships ! we don’t have a publishing bandwagon anymore ! we don’t want the colored versions of fountain water at every event and the pictures to make people realize what a fun event it was even/…

    who votes for ice cream and cheap better tasting food in cafe instead of an LCD TV ! ‘cuz i do !

  6. thats becoz we have event managers instead of student councilors on the TISF seats.thats what we want to change..the council,according to the new reforms, will address all of these issues..and its not just a MOON KA FIRE…its really practical..the societies will organize events and the council will do its job..

  7. a very good idea……because the present system isnt meetin the required criteria. if there will be different societies i think tisf will be more coordinated within itself

  8. not only academics, i agree that cafetaria, computer lab, etc should also be given due consideration.

    i also hope all of us who are concerned, dont just keep on writing comments here without thinking about implementation.

    empty talk will lead us no where!

  9. my heart says this s going to work, inshallah. lot of ppl are apparently supporting this but guys plz dont give up just by verbally supporting it…its something that needs to be carried on till it s really applied. so plz spread the word n keep it up…!!

  10. A good idea, I would like to request the management to please look into this matter but I would rather say that TISF is a student’s body and we have the right to decide how we want it to be..

  11. for sure its gonna workkkk….
    we need more interaction wid other universities… need to have conferences and seminars ( n that to be held by the studenst a ndthe faculty)so that people and students can realize that their is an institution in our country serving the largest sector of eonomy…

    we need to prove our existnce…like lums does.
    the independent societeis need to work on their own and organize events on their own wid the help of the allocated budget and by getting sponsers themselves and that should be made mandatory for the societies..
    this way the societies will grow .
    and to be the head of the society one should b part of it atleast for a year ..insead of mere voting for a gs or fs jis ne pahle kuch kia hi na ho

  12. so are there any proposals for societies…. What kind of societies and what kinda work can we do in them.

  13. not so fast dear..first of all we need the support of majority of our students for this movement…we are going to make sum new societies side by side include the present societies..w ill start the discussions for the proposal as soon as the new reforms are implemented..inshaalah!!

  14. yes i think v 1st need to muster support! if people r willing to bring abt this positive change then we will move ahead.

    as for the current candidates, if they r true, they must choose betterment rather than mere posts!

    they need to show they care, not just thru speeches but thru their actions

    Beware of those trying to disrupt!!!!!!!!!!

  15. keep up da good work…i hope da movement brings a positive change….m sure gonna support u sarim in dis matter:)

  16. great effort…..dis issue will surely be supported.

    but i wud really request all da supporters to show da same enthusaiam and valor when dese words turn into actions.

  17. i think its a very gud idea n i 2nd u all.
    when there wil be different societies, they will do their best to organise their respective progs and they will b more productive….
    sarim can u plz make me clear on one issue….that wat will be the job of council members?

  18. if students like “Hina” can not appreciate the LCD, the endless efforts to make events sucessful or even a picture board for tht matter than im afraid that even the societies wud not proove to be of much importance to such a complaining crowd..!one positive aspect i see here is tht there will surely be more ppl to complain!!!!!..yayyy =) n o Yeh..!im sure no one wud be as desperate to opt for ice cream instead of a LCD..! lol….u really got me laughing on tht one gurl :p

  19. sarim, lets meet up on Monday to give this thing a proper shape, make a structure, gather ppl on board. this will help refine anything that comes to mind.

    But ppl wat we need to realize is that this isnt gonna happen just like that, it will take time, and gradually, with passage of time, it will become a success.

  20. hellooo, i just want to make you guys aware of the cons that you might face. i am a member of timf and seriously its my worst experience being a member. i cant disclose the budged that we get because i dont want you guys to laugh on us. we do have a president but dont know who is he! we even cant do a jam cuz we dont have resources. well my perception is dividing the power wont litrate the system, litratin ourselves should be our prime objective. think!!!

  21. nyc idea. i dont think its gonna work. sorry, bcuz if tisf’s total budget is 5lk for 2 semisters n v have 8 councles, thn each councle ll get 31k 4 a single semi. hahah do u think each n every counle ll b able to rock us with the events like carnival, dance parties, picnics, heavy concerts etc. aaaaa i dont think so, well wot can wi say. lets see kya hota hai

  22. hina first u copied my fake american accent..now u r coyping my stle of writing on quack…. and my desperate idea of having icecream….thats not fair…I m angry wid you….

  23. The General Student Council

    ? The General student council will be an elected student body comprising of seven (7) council members.

    ? The Role of council will solely be to represent the student body and to effectively bridge the gap between the students, faculty and the administration.

    ? The Council will focus on solving all academic and non-academic issues and will ensure that the voices of the students are heard effectively.

    ? This council will not have the authority to govern any of the student societies. The councils will interfere in the society work if and only if there are any complains by the students.

    ? Other then internal Council meetings, this Council will organize a minimum of three (3) council meetings per semester with the entire student body.

    ? This elected council will also be responsible for maintaining the discipline throughout the campus specially in the TISF Slots and at various Events

    ? Minimum two (2) seats of the council will be reserved for the female students.

    ? This council will work as a team without one member dominating any other.

    ? The council after getting elected will choose any one of among themselves for helping and representing the TISF Financial issues.

    ? An elected council member can still remain a member of any Textile Institute Student Society.

  24. Hmmm….good idea…
    but keep one think in mind tht we have very limited budget for the TISF….
    so we should also assign council as their duty to grab the sponsors for various events…

  25. Mamaaaa Dil khush hogaya ….. Shukria Sarim and all fellows…. THank you all of you guys TS3A ke baki awaam ko relif dene ke liye …

  26. The change has begun:) lets not stop, lot more needs to be done!

    i seriously think today’s first step will make TIP a much better place in the coming years.

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