A Sitting with Mr. Ameer-ul-Islam Hashmi and Mrs. Amber Haseeb

“Kabhi jo ghair say hum chup kay guftagu kartay
Ye aarzoo thi kay peechay say jaakay huu kartay
Hum aik baat bhi unsay jo faltoo kartay
Tu phir baja thay kay wuh muun pay aakh-thuu kartay”

25th February’s TISF slot turned into a thrilling one when the world renowned famous Urdu comedy poet, Mr. Ameer-ul-Hashmi accompanied by a young Urdu poetess Mrs. Ambar Haseeb recited their verbal art in front of the TIP audience. A slot which was full of laughter and smiling faces will be remembered by every student and faculty who attended the event.

Organized by Literary Society of TIP, under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Qamar Zaidi, the event started with beautiful and romantic poetry from Mrs. Amber Haseeb who with her feminine and touchy verses made everyone emotional; specially the female audience. Later, Mr. Hashmi got the microphone and he started hurling some naughty poetry which was obviously loved by the audience of TIP. It seems that Mr. Hashmi was already well aware of the kind of verses people here want to listen to. In the end, Mr. Ali Hafeez thanked both the guest for making the afternoon successful and entertaining.

jpg-mediumPersonally, I would like to compliment TISF, Mr. Qamar Zaidi and all the society members who helped me pull out the event correctly and on time. And a very, very special thanks to students of TIP for acting unexpectedly superb and well mannered in front of our guests. We expect the very same decent behaviour in our future events as well. Here I would like to put some of the verses of Mr. Hashmi that I remembered and also would like you to add up something as well:

“Bauhat ukta kay aik khabti ki bivi nay kaha us say
Main bhar pai yeh behtar hai talaaq ab tum mujhe day do
Kahan mausoof nay is waqt mai masroof hoon begum
Agar fauri zaroorat hai tu abba jaan say lay lo”

“Kabhi ki ho chuki hoti hamari aur aik shaadi
Agar us ka chaheeta is qadar paji nahi hota
Wuh larki ab bhi razi hai magar wuh kia karay yaaron
Kay us larki ka jo pota hai wuh razi nahi hota”

Libaas-e-nau mai rakhi hai, riyaayat aisi tailor nay
Kay is mai hera pheri jins ki maloom hoti hai
Pata mushkil say chalta hai, muzakkar aur maunus ka
Kabhi maloom hota hai, kabhi maloom hoti hai

3 Replies to “A Sitting with Mr. Ameer-ul-Islam Hashmi and Mrs. Amber Haseeb”

  1. Fantastic event with a great report following it up!! Thanks to Syed Qamar Zaidi, the poets, Rameez Ahmed Khan and the Literary Society at large.

    Great Work!!!

  2. Our Beloved Nana Mr Ameer Ul Islam Hashmi has passed away this Morning at 4.00 AM Approx. Today i.e 18th March 2013.

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