All about your intellect

Flushing is better than leaking,
the over flow of mental sensation,
And writing is preferred over saying,
the flush of feelings called emotion!

Why should I write when I can speak? I can easily convey my thoughts and feelings to others by speaking. Then why do people write? Why do they waste their time? The answer is that in the whole process they are discovering their consciousness. Things going at the back of the head, which you never discovered, some truth which you were hiding from yourself. You can discover things about yourself, of which you were unaware before. Your pen never hides anything from you but this can only be said about serious writers.

Unfortunately TIP is blessed with a very few good writers. Even those who write are occasional writers. Every year when the Publications secretary asks you to write for the magazine everyone promises to write but in the end only a handful of articles are collected. People tend to forget the fact that how big an honor it is to write for the magazine. The result is a delayed magazine; like this year’s magazine has crossed its due date and no sign of its release are yet seen.

It seems that no one is interested in publications apart from the main team. Some can even extract this fact from the TISF’s elections when everyone is engaged in warfare for other seats, completely ignoring the publications, which in reality is the most important seat. No one in the TISF has to work like a publications secretary has to.Our magazine circulates in the industry and the image of TIP can be made prominant by making the magazine better.

This year too the publications team has started collecting articles and the last date of submission is 25th November 2004. This year the response is a little better form the previous year and it seems that there is an increase in the awareness. Some very good writers have also emerged from Quack! Thanks to Abid Omer.

For those who still think that they can’t write, well… believe me you never will until you pick up a pen and start writing. Even Shakespeare did not know that he can write until he tried.

For submitting your articles contact:

Science department:

Asim Ahmed 2nd year science
Haris Amin 1st year science
Talha Ahmed 3rd year science
Masood Arif 3rd year science
Zohaib Haider 1st year science

Management and Apparel departments:

Aisha Rahat 3rd year Management
Noreen Abdul Malik 3rd year Management
Nosheen Zakaria 3rd year Management

Design department:

Arsalan Ahmed Khan 2rd year designer
Unaiza Raza Baig 3rd year designer

for further information contact our very own Adil Marvi.

Remember the last date for submitting your atricles is 25th November. Your articles can be serious or funny. It can be poems or even fillers. It’s all about your creativity, its all about your intellect.

10 Replies to “All about your intellect”

  1. Anybody can contribute to the annual magazine i.e. TIPians, Texperts, non-TIPians, faculty, textile related people from the industry….
    use your creativity…contribute to the annual magazine…your biggest incentive is that ur work goes beyond the boundaries of this institution, gets appreciation from the industry…..

    dun miss this opportunity, if u think u can contribute to the magazine than pick up those pens n prove your worth…

    Thomas A. Edison

  2. assalam-0-allikum,

    i hate to admit this that all the featured facts are true. but what are reasons? why dont people write? answer is in the list of your science department. anyways again great effort form masood . keep it up!

  3. Good! Can say *An encouraging article*

    in the end u said **It’s all about your creativity*** sir danish, ma’am sumera aur ma’am bushra sey yeh sun sun k kaam thak gaey hain… hehehehe 🙂

  4. hey TIPIANs….

    hope all of hv enjoyed this EID
    thx alot
    and take care

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