An Ideal TISF?

President Sheriyar Aslam Khan
General Secretary Mohammad Noman (Bhatti)
Sports Secretary Syed Kamaluddin Ahmed
Finance Secretary Ehsan
Publishing Secretary Adil Marvi
Social Secretary Ayesha Rehman

Elections fever is at last over. After last year�s performance by the TISF, it was re-named the “Textile Institute Soya wa Forum.” This year we are looking forward to seeing a more active and lively TISF. The TISF is nothing without the support of the students so please extend full support to the new TISF. They need appreciation and encouragement from us throughout the year and the rest leave it to them. We hope they provide full entertainment to us and do justice with their posts.

Real World Management

To reach a good decision, management teaches us to follow six steps:

# Define the problem
# Establish Criteria
# Formulate Model
# Identify Alternatives
# Select best Alternative
# Implementation

Let’s see how these points helped TMM-3 make a right decision regarding selection for the candidate for GS from their class.

Defining the problem

The GS-elect Hilal Khan Afridi is leaving TIP so the TISF was in need of a new GS. Since Hilal was from TMM-3, they wanted the seat to come back to them after elections. The problem was: who was the one appropriate candidate that would retain the seat for TMM-3?

Establishing Criteria

The criteria that makes the candidate eligible for the post is as follows:

# no warning letters,
# is not on probation,
# CGPA should be above 2,
# has leadership Qualities,
# feels responsible towards duties,
# And on public demand, TMM-3 added a new criterion that the candidate should be good looking.

Formulating Models

Based on the above-mentioned criteria, TMM-3 worked out a plan, did some serious calculation, and made a sketch of their workings. This part of management is extremely confidential (no leakages are available).

Identifying Alternatives

There were many alternatives for the GS post. You all are aware that TMM-3 is full of talented and creative students, _bus kabhi garoor nee kara_. But there was only one deficiency, all eligible candidates were … _bus unn ka mood nee tha aanay ka!_

Selecting the best option

Keeping in view the Maujooda Haalaat of TMM-3 the best alternative for the GS candidate came out to be Mohammad Noman urf Bhaati. So it was decided that he should be the representative of TMM-3. Bohut majboori thee kiya kartay.


Polling was held on 10th September 2004 to implement the process of decision making. Noman Bhatti won the GS post for TMM-3.

So Simple!!!

8 Replies to “An Ideal TISF?”

  1. Hello,
    ayesha can u please explain wat u’r trying to convey, are you ppl obsessed with the fact that your classmate is a GS or you aren’t happy with this.

  2. This article was written just for entertainment. It actually happened in our management class when our teacher asked a practicle example for the six steps of decision making we carried out this analysis. so please dont take it to heart and we are happy with our GS.

  3. The GS must have leadership qualities; that is what this article says. In other words, he/she should be confident enough to speak in front of general public. And you people chose a guy, who has never ever come on stage, never participated in a single speech/debate competition, and got a bad grade in ” Oral communication”. Now think, what the hell he is going to do, when he will be asked to deliver a speech on next orientation. Specially, a speech “IN ENGLISH.”

  4. Talib, you’r wrong. The GS should have the will to work for the students..make sure that he knows what the students want from TISF & students do not want their GS to go at stage and just talk …English, hindi, chinese pushto or french..what ever the GS speaks, if he is working for TIP students and the students are happy..he has done his JOB. I will be visiting the campus for today’s carnival..I can bet this gs will come upto the expectations (the fact is..I still dont remember who bhatti is :->)

  5. Can’t go against you Kashif bhai (My Ideal GS). You are appreciating this GS, because you do not know him persoanlly …. else yo wouldn’t have …. anways

  6. I am not appreciating him..i am just correcting the concept of GS in yr mind..thanks for ranking me as the IDEAL one..

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