An Open Letter to Mohammad Saiq Lakhani

Recently, Saiq saab wrote a comment making various invalid claims on my article ‘Attempted Mass murder at TIP’. As I sat down to type a reply I concluded that it needed a proper article in reply rather then a comment.

Saiq, I will thank you if in future you realize while writing that other peoples’ time is also precious as it is extremely annoying to correct your English and typing mistakes! Which I have been kind enough to sift through so atleast my readers don’t have to go through the same torment twice.

Anyway, here’s what I have to say about your claims.

1, It seems as though it’s just to fill the articles count up …. Be it trash or any thing …. Sorry to say but there r certain other good ways 2 b famous

No, you seem to think quite wrong, it is not just there to fill up the article count; it speaks a popular opinion about the annual Day. You have the choice to bury your head in sand and pretend it wasn’t that bad for all I care.

And as for wanting to be famous, by gods grace I am known to people I want to be known to. I am well versed in ways which could be employed to become famous and can choose between good and bad ones. No need for you to advise me. Thank you very much!

2, For TDT 4 who were much more important considering it was as 4th years Annual “Day” …. Evening, night or what ever in your view :P:P

What so funny? You seem to have a weird sense of humor.

3, They came up to me …obviously people would have enough respect that they would stay around for TDT 4 dedications but how wrong we were proven

Who stopped the air conditioning? Wasn’t TIP administration informed of the estimated time span of the event?

4, Yet again ….. These are split second decisions which we have to take

Yea! Was termination of the ‘battle of the bands’ a result of such split second decision? Do clarify your position on that. What is your side of the story?

5, You tell me being the so-called member of the book club

I founded this book club; I run it along with my friends who have been part of it from the very start.

6, what have you done in the whole year ….. One or two documentary films watched by 20 or so people … was this basic aim for the formation of Book Club … And that Ghazi Salahuddin thing …

Don’t brag as if you know why book club was formed who we cater to. In this semester alone, we put up two small events; one being the screening of the documentary “Loose Change” and other the book discussion on ‘In the Line of fire’. Both events met our estimated response from the student body. Referring to your figure of 20 or so, we don’t plan out events for the majority of TIP, they are targeted events for a small number of interested audiences, and anybody else is pleasantly welcome to attend. At least we don’t try to bore everyone to death!

7, Remember we the TISF had to step in to get you problems sorted as you guys were not even being able to agree on a date let alone organizing or participating in a big event ……

No I don’t remember any such thing. Remind me.. Do you have any proof to back up your claim, that you helped out ‘hapless’ book club. TISF has never been asked for any kind of help, no correspondence has been done through any TISF members. I have always coordinated with Mr Ali Hafeez and President TIP for book club events, and I don’t remember any of the TISF members ever did any running around for my book club event. Yes there was some confusion regarding because Ghazi saab was unavailable in those dates, so we had to adjust. I hope you are not referring towards quick words exchanged in the corridors( u don’t have to be a TISF member to give suggestions—merely giving suggestions is not sorting out our problems ) or moving chairs to empty lecture rooms, I must have missed out on that. So don’t go about trying to take credit for other peoples work. Organizing a big event? …small is beautiful. And I am good at it.

8, You have a habit of making a meal out of nothing …a storm in a tea cup …. Don’t u?

Meal out of nothing? Have you ever heard of the big bird called ‘ostrich’ she’s famous for some reason… by the way, one should appreciate nice things by and by, Storm in the tea cup, or tempest in the tea pot… I like the phrase.

9, Remember arranging a so called hi fi sound system in the cafeteria if u become a member of TISF… y looking for posts … if students’ welfare is what you really want

What s wrong if I were looking for a post? Were you not looking for a post as well? That hi fi system thing I said, you heard me over so much din? See that’s the whole point, I made myself heard, I convinced 60 people to vote for me, obviously an abysmally small number compared to my competitors. But whose care is it? I wasn’t the chosen one, fine with me. What ever the reasons, but one thing is for sure that I could never have broken away from my political ideals, had I not done that. So I have never regretted doing it.

10, I know the mistakes have been made and there have been events which participation of students …… we seem to have forgotten the basic aim of formation of TISF any how thats for another time to throw light on

We are sick of such foul, meaning less and wrote learnt statements of admitting failure. Yes we have forgotten the basic aim of formation of TISF. Remind us, that’s the best time to throw the lights on and let us see what against we should judge you. We seem to have lost the track of it.

11, ok accepted that the sum of you didn’t enjoy the Annual Day but I think you cannot fault people for the effort that was put into it by the people who C.A.R.E. 4 the leaving 4th years

Doesn’t it sounds like “Jo bhi tha, bura he sahi, pur na honay sey to behtar hai!” was it really?

12, At least much better than people who just hide in their shells moaning over things n term all the crap as criticism…… to show their mettle rather than moaning over what might have been (v might have dun sum thing that book club n dramatics thing) cause action really speaks louder than words do.

You know you can’t complain about lack of participation after what TISF has done in case of ‘the battle of the bands’. Or tell us what had really happened? Don’t tell us you ran out of money, because if that were the reason battle of the bands should never have been thought of in the first place. Leave the book club alone, will you!

10 Replies to “An Open Letter to Mohammad Saiq Lakhani”

  1. Ah so finally getting it all outta your system then Furrukh!?
    Good for you! Now what about some events for the Book Club then for Next semester? or will you be too BUSY!! 😉

  2. people shouldn’t be too proud of what they have, be it eloquence, good grammar, rage… or whatever….
    talk about taking criticism to the extreme limit!… is it really meant to be this way?
    I really dont know what people in TIP expect from each other… but is it really worth it?…

  3. soch lo hariss…. being president is a thankless job. in the end you’ll be thinking “was it really worth it?”

  4. okay… furhan.. was that huh for me?… there’s this word ‘modest’.. I bet the people who have excellent ‘writing skills’ know the meaning! ;)..
    and Hira… I know it is a thankless job… but I just wanna work for a better cause… criticisms are always there.. but targetting is bad… let’s see what I have to go through if the ac’s dont work! 😉 :p.. lol!

  5. well hariss personal attacks and accusations are supposed to be countered and clarified, its not about eloquence, good grammer or rage on TISF for that matter. dont hunt down people and target!

  6. loL!.. Sham.. after reading the above article.. you left me with no choice to comment on it like the way I did… and ofcourse they’re s’posed to be countered and clarified only if they dont cross the limits… if you go on openly and be like ‘hello!, I’m the best and I do nothing wrong…’… what do you expect? would anybody even care to clarify? :p…

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