Attempted Mass Murder at TIP: The Aftermath

Writing my previous article I thought, I will rest after finding out whose idea was ‘Annual Day’, but it seems like more unrest awaits me.

The ‘Annual day’ in itself would not have been a bad idea, had it been executed properly with some thought and proper planning. New ideas are always welcome; it’s a breakaway from the monotony we get ourselves into. So is the case with ‘Annual Day’, but it’s also true that if you are unable to sell your idea to people then no matter how much good was intended, it will be rated as a “Flop”. It was up to TISF to introduce, promote and force it down people’s throat, because that is how the ideas are ever accepted if they are good enough. You have to hammer it in to people’s mind.

So did TISF introduce the ‘Annual Day’ to the student body? I have been told that the third year was supposed to take charge of the event and class representatives were informed of the event. Does it sound like selling a new idea? Merely informing? Did TISF not know whose reputation would be at stake if this event flopped?? Not the third years but TISF.

TISF complains of lack of participation and interest from the majority of the students. I asked in my last article what happened to the “Battle of the Bands”? It was supposed to happen, so why didn’t it happen? No answers have come so far to that. So I thought I should probe this on my own (a step towards journalism—Probe!). To my surprise, I found out that because of another “split second decision” by TISF and the whole thing could not be organized. The “Battle of the Bands” was being organized by TMM3 band “HIJAB”, all arrangements were in place and there goes TISF backing out of their part of job and calling off the event and instead requesting an acoustic performance by the band. Talk about lack of participation! Who wouldn’t get fried up on such treatment by TISF! Backing out at the 11th hour is not a nice thing to do.

Was it supposed to be like this, ‘Annual Day’? I am sure it wasn’t, but we the student body, are at the receiving end of the service that TISF provides. So nobody can take away from us, the student body; the right to voice our opinion. If TISF thinks it’s being bashed unfairly, that they tried their best with given resources, then I openly disagree with them. They could do better. They are CAPABLE of it, or so the student body believed because most of them came through elections by winning a popular vote of the majority. So TISF needs to plan out events with detail and foresight, not in a manner to get a chore done and off ones shoulder.

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  1. As much as I’d like to agree with you on this Furrukh I can’t. First of all I clearly remember when we were organizing the book club meets that it’s really impossible to get us to agree on something. When we did do anything the turnout was really disappointing, even though we were trying to “force it down people’s throats” & trying to “hammer it in to people’s mind” by putting up posters and stuff. It’s really very difficult trying to introduce something new, especially when it was just a 3rd & 2nd years organized event, which include you as well. Everyone feels that they should be invited & asked every time to do something, if someone has something to contribute the question is why are people so afraid to step up?
    How can you expect anyone from the TISF to do a better job when the amount of changes that have taken place? We have yet to come to terms with the fact that 3 major seats have been abolished and more changes are yet to come. Admitted that this was an Experimental thing but I agree it could have been so much more, there was more to it but really all that was superfluous when the AC was closed, the audience couldn’t be retained. Bad luck for the 8 designers that attended.
    What I suggest is that instead of playing the blame game, why doesn’t everyone pitch in when an event is to take place instead of waiting for it to be served to you on a Silver Platter. Hopefully the next TISF with their committees will be able to do better. sigh! 🙁

  2. //When we did do anything the turnout was really disappointing//

    If i were in your position, I’d rather have a low turnout than a hundred freaks who hoot and sing obscene songs at the mere sight of a gori woman in a movie. You know, the kind of songs they sing whenever they see their mothers and sisters. 😉

  3. When we did do anything the turnout was really disappointing, even though we were trying to “force it down people’s throats” & trying to “hammer it in to people’s mind” by putting up posters and stuff

    hey, I have always said this since teh inception of teh book club that we target a niche among students who are genuinely interested in books and related activities…out of 400 sum students, we have always attracted a majority of those who have interest in books….so i dont kno what u mean by ‘ low disappointig turnout’. please do elaborate.

    and wen i say that ideas being sold…case in point “Quack” , speak to those who have run it over the years, and u can get a good insight in to how this idea of quack has been forced in to peoples mind. it took time of course and dedication. I m not against new ideas but it does turn me up the wall if i see people dont own what they do and do not admit what they should…no offence meant.



  4. you should ask abid, aasim, and furhan how difficult it is to get people to write on Quack. this year we’ve had 3 articles by first years. out of the hundred or so newbies of TIP, only 3 have written anything(but they’ve written quite well). hows THAT for a low turn out?
    but even if people write badly, it says a lot that they’re trying at least. the annual day may not have been as good as originally planned, but trying to come up with something that will be appreciated by EVERYBODY in TIP (and not just a niche of people) is shit hard.

  5. agreed, that its hard to please everyone, I know people who are part of TISF have lives of their own as well, they are human, can make mistakes. agreed!
    i think the student body needs to be more responsive, if you do not let TISF know what you thought of their service then how can TISF improve itself? through my writing i dont intend to demean TISF efforts. but TISF should not be turn in to a spolit brat by ignorance of the student body!

  6. i recall,
    TISF arranged that “Qawali night” after convocation.
    it was something very different, a new idea, well executed and wel managed.I enjoyed that quite alot, even though i am not a great qawali fan.
    so it comes down to this that if u put in effort it does show and reaps results.

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