Attempted mass murder at TIP

Ever heard of people passing out due to sheer boredom? Well, had the students not decided to desert the auditorium on Friday the 11th, the TISF could have bored them to death!

Annual day? Whose brain child was that? And who named that child, a most inappropriate name, because it wasn’t a ‘day’ anyway. TISF should realize that it is not supposed to put up ‘events’ which can have potentially fatal consequences on students’ mental health. Frankly, sitting through those hours after a day full of lectures wasn’t anything less then an ordeal. The whole event was a picture of mismanagement and lack of planning, even though the event had been postponed twice earlier.

For those who were blessed enough to not to be there, ‘Annual Day’ primarily featured song dedications for the graduating class. TDT4 being an exception because with the air conditioning switched off in the torturous heat, the students finally decided to take their survival into their own hands and made a mad dash out the auditorium before they either suffocated or got bored to death. I believe the TISF had planned to make it seem as if the students had suffocated to death and place the blame on the management. Fortunately for us, that didn’t work either.

The program also included two qawalis by the Qawal Hasan band from AMM3 and an x-rated, awfully vulgar skit by TS2A, B or D which made you wonder what’s becoming of TIP’s acting talent. Wasn’t it guys from sciences who made hilarious stage shows like ‘Elementary Dating’? Surely those guys and days are now long gone.

This was followed by one last attempt to slay the now dilapidated student body, frayed to almost complete mental and physical exhaustion, with steel cold refreshment from Disco Bakers.

So again, whose suggestion was it to split a pre-annual dinner gathering in to an annual day? Any explanation? I will not rest till I find out who it was. And correct me if I am wrong that there was supposed to be a battle of the bands happening? What happened to that?

I wonder why the TISF didn’t consult the student body before bringing on such an event. TISF could have invited suggestions from the students or the student societies on organizing an annual day; after all it does represent the student body. Had there been more involvement, this event could have been so much better. We could have had a book based movie played by the book club, a band performance by ‘Hijab’ and the dramatics society could have churned out some decent drama performance, some things that wouldn’t have been difficult to put together if they were given a thought.

It is difficult to see what will become of the TISF if it continues to operate in a similar way, isolated and unaware of the general opinion and desires of the student body it claims to represent.

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  1. Mismanagement & Bad Timing, Lack of Coordination and other Such Incidents lead to an overall bad Program.
    Well what can you do!?

    Complain is what all you can do! Come on people act on your own if you feel others aren’t doing too good a job!!

  2. i’ve heard there will be an annual dinner and a concert. and atleast they tried to give the show a personal touch. it was sad about the designers though. i was looking forward to arsalan’s dedication 😀

  3. Farrukh baji those guys are gone who performed that “Elementary Dating” but for sure we’ll try to perform some skit more hilarious but not vulgar at all. i apologize to all those who found that skit not suitable to be performed …….. Smile Now 🙂

    I also felt very bad about TDT-4…. i am the one who was suppossed to ask questions from TDT-4 and i worked really hard in finding questions for them.(The questions were really decent not vulgar). I also compiled some of their pictures into a movie form but that i could not play because of the unavailability of the multimedia….

  4. one thing u said ke drama society n all should hv been included n all and they would hv done some skit or something .. sorry tu say but y didnt u ppl do anysuch thing ? u could hv done something ?

  5. farrukh sham.. no regrets.. with all ur efforts and sturglle u cundt become the event manager so definitely u have a point to act like this.. but never mind… 😛

  6. well farrukh after readin ur article ,,, it seems as though as thou its just to fill the articles count up …. be it if its trash or any thing …. sorry 2 say but there r certain other good ways 2 b famous
    first of all relatin 2 the bad management issue …. thn i admit tht there was a blipse rite at the end as Qawwali was to be performed last after TDT 4 dedications …. but durin the drama shabib n AMM 3 guys requested me which i refused cuz the dedications for TDT 4 were much mor importnt considerin it was as 4th years Annual “Day” …. evenin , night or wht ever in ur view :P:P
    they came up to me again n requested tht aftr the dedication of TDT 4 ppl will start leavin but if i do their qawwali first thn obviosly ppl hav enough respect tht they wud stay around 4 TDT 4 dedications but how wrong we were proven …..yet again ….. these are split second decisions which v hav 2 tak …… i apologize to TDT 4 which AMM 3 guys shd do as well … i know they (designers) always feel left out but it was a mere co-incidence i assure u tht …..
    now farrukh cumin onto ur comments abt the Book Club wud hav done any thing thn i think u shd hav atleast given a thought before sayin this ….. u tell me bein the so-called member of the book club tht wht hav u dun in the whole year ….. one or two documentary films watched by 20 or so ppl …… was this the basic aim for the formation of Book Club …. and tht Ghazi Salahuddin thing …. remember v the tisf had to step in to get ur probs sorted as u guys were not even bein able to agree on a date let alone organizin or participatin in a big event ……
    u hav a habit ov makin meal out ov nothin …a storm in a tea cup …. dnt u ????
    remember arrangin a so called hi fi sound system in the cafeteria if u become a member of TISF…
    y lookin for posts … if students’ welfare is wht u really want
    TISF shd hav 400 students ready to work 4 it ….. not 5 or 6 individuals workin their socks off to work voluntarily for ur welfare ….. i know the mistakes hav been made and there hav been events which weren’t tht great but most of it is due to the lack of participation of students …… v seem 2 hav forgotten the basic aim of formation of TISF any how thts for another tym to throw light on
    any ways i read ur article n most ov it was rubbish facts bein served with the toppin of good vocab
    again my comments seem 2 b harsh 4 sum ppl but none r harsher thn the comments in the article it self
    “criticism just 4 the sake of criticism is unacceptable”

  7. @ hira…
    oh thankyou thankyou… 🙂 at least someone is interested in me…!

    @ billu… (read this after you reply to mine)
    hmmm… you seem like a nice… decent guy… but let me clear myself again… ‘its not the vulgarity thats offensive… its the crossdressing’
    so yes… i have faith in you and i hope that youll come up with better stuff next time.. two very enthusiastic thumbs up for at least looking at teh brighter side…

  8. Criticism for the sake of criticism?

    Out of all the students that I have heard from, not a single final year student or any other student has said anything good about the annual day.

    Also, I don’t think any of this has anything to do with fame. The only way to be unknown in a crowd of 400 is to live the life of a hermit.

    By the way there’s a democracy poll up on Quack! where you can vote your opinion about the annual day. It can be located in the column on the right.

  9. k accepted tht the sum ov u didn’t enjoy the Annual Day but i think u cannot fault ppl for the effort tht was put into it by the ppl who C.A.R.E. 4 the leavin 4th years
    atleast much better thn ppl who just hide in their shells moaning over things n term all the crap as criticism
    ….. or ppl who say tht this 4th year don’t deserve any thing …..
    v r not replicatin in their foot steps …. i personally think tht the program was not bad except for wht happened rite 3 quarters ov the way thruuu …which i’ve already apologized 4
    aasim u r very well aware ov the respect i hav 4 u which is quite justified and same goes 4 most ov the leavin 4th yrs ….
    so dude positive criticism n the co-operation to improve things is whts required rather thn these ppl who cum up on quack … pullin the legs of ppl just because they them selves r not good enuff n have dun nothin despite bein givin wit the opportunity …. is truely sarcastic n oblivious
    n e ways wht ma mesg 4 them wud be to show their mettle rather thn moaning over wht might hav been (v might hav dun sum thing tht book club n dramatics thing) cuz action really speaks louder thn words do …

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