THANK YOU… Thank you all for making it such a wonderful event. When it started, it was like nearly impossible to manage such huge event in just 5 days, but we still carried on with the plan. Despite all the hurdles and problems we faced, TISF with help of different organizing committees and with cooperation of whole student body made it a happening. Being a part of organizing committee was a whole new experience, a tough one but yet I learned a lot.

At about 6 pm the basant started, there were few kites in the sky, as the wind wasn’t favorable, but still we had people dancing on the beats of the DHOOL. About half an hour later, after the basant started, the STING hummer came in, with loads of free STING, how can you resist when getting something for free?? (Even I had 10… :p) people enjoyed free STING, kite flying (a few) and pervez bhai ki chat (how can I forget that) soon both the bands arrived, and as the day light ended the basant was almost over. People were anxious to get in the amphitheatre. Just after the band was done with their sound check, the announcements were made and people started entering the theatre.

As the concert started, first performance was by the ASHES, later when the KARAVAN came on the stage, they just rocked the show. People started shouting like hell and banging their heads on the beats and then those shouts of “Once more… Once more…” from the audience win over the band to sing till they were exhausted completely. The show was extremely good and was a big hit by team TISF.

In the end, I would again like to thank everyone, each and every member of organizing committee, and each student of TIP who really made it happening. Thank you everyone, and for those who were part of organizing committee will receive a certificate from TISF, please give your details to your respective TISF elected committee head.

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  1. On behalf of city campus students we all really enjoyed this event.And we appreciate all the members of organizing committee but our special appreciation to one and only one person who fearlessly bear every hurdle, took this big responsibility and organize this mega event despite of all the demarketing, cancellations and other demotivating factors.I hope u understand, yes ppl we should really appreciate our TISF president who is the man of that event. Agar wo na hota to Concert na hota . We love you and we are proud of you. God bless you

  2. @ saad ashraf… for ur kind information other students were on the other side, as picture is of one side so how u say about attendance…

  3. to saad ashraf…. this pictures is of one side, other students were on the opposite side…. so how u can say about attendance….???

  4. the event was outstanding… i think there were 350-375 people who were enjoying the event alot…

  5. whats with all the hate? i just stated that “the attendance seems quite low according to the pictures”… if there were pics depicting a better turnout than i would not have commented along those lines. zara sa kabhi dimag per zoar daal liya karo before posting a reply please… i have been a member of the tisf and i am quite aware as to how hard it is too pull of such stuff and in no way were my comments were directed at undermining their efforts.

  6. @Saad, Sorry brother misunderstanding Happened. I thot u are saad who is currently studying in the uni, who was involved in some sort of demarketing and cancellation of this event.

    I am from 1st year and very much disappointed by the behaviour of my seniors. They always try to spoil our fun by politicizing everything. we all (1st years) hate them very much. Brother we only saw ppl of TISf organizing and fighting with the unbearable hurdles. No one feel the heat. They come, dance and go back in points, commenting or criticizing. They never appreciate. This concert was one of the best concerts of my life.

    Well I respect you. No harsh feelings. I am extremely sorry for the misunderstanding.

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