BIC 2010…….TIES rOcK!!!

Coming back after attending the YLES 2010 in LUMS, our TIES team was very much energized to do something similar in our very own TIP!
So we decided to hold a Business Idea Competition.

Rules were pretty simple, we had our punchline as Think Global & Act Local.
Initially we got 17 teams that participated in the first round, and that was to submit a two pages executive summary of their business idea.
We already asked everybody to be as creative and innovative as possible but restricting oneself to business viability!!!

From these 17 teams we selected the top 8 teams, the judging panel for the first round consisted of students including the TIES members (Sarim, Amna, Shumaila, Dawood, Rida and Nussebah).

After the screening out of the 8 teams, we had our Final round on 24th Feb’ 2010 Wednesday TISF Slot. Each team gave a presentation of 5 minutes on their proposals.

For the final round, our judges consisted of Sidrah Nadeem (external jury) and for the internal jury we had Ma’am Saira Danish, Sir Saifuddin Kamran, Sir Fariq Mukhtar, Sir A.Q. Zaidi and the chief guest for the event was our very own president Mr. Tariq Ikram.

The ideas varied from fashion houses to nutritional plans, to utilizing natural fuels to designer wear Abayas!

It was very difficult controlling the audience since its a natural aspect of TIPains to be as happening as possible!

And as for the winners, third position was secured by Umair Sadiq TMM4 (Nutropia), second position by a group of 4 girls, Madiha Altaf, Fizza Asad, Saba Alam and Fatima TMM3 ( Glamour House) and the champion of BIC 2010 was Muneeb Ur Rehman TDT-2 (Jacq-Art).

We, the Team of TIES highly appreciate the hard work and effort put in my each and every participant and acknowledge the fact that the judges took out their precious time for this event!

Thank you everyone for your support and participation 🙂

2 Replies to “BIC 2010…….TIES rOcK!!!”

  1. And all dis could not have been possible without our talented Directer(internal promotion) Amna khan..she converted this typical business event into an intersting and Fun thing..
    Amnas handmade flyers rocked!

  2. BIC 10 indeed made histry at TIP…I hope TIES will get the same awesome response in the PLAY-IT addmaking competion after the First hourlies..

    So TIE yourself with TIES…!

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