Common Grounds in the Religions of the World

Spring Semester 2009 again welcomed students with an intellectual and knowledgeable session which was held on 4th February 2009 in the TISF slot. Since it was the first activity slot of the semester; the event was not planned or decided. The lecture was given by our renowned visiting faculty and research coordinator Syed Qamar Zaidi on a marvelous topic “Common Grounds in the Religion of Worlds”. He had been giving this lecture all over the world and Pakistan and possessed a great intellectual stature over the topic.

He started the discussion in a strange way by giving the conclusion of his debate first. He said that there is not s single difference in the basic principles/code of conduct in all the religions. He said that any discrimination on the basis of anyone’s religion or cast is unjustified and any one can never kill or harass any other person on the basis of religion and faith. Qamar Zaidi continued with the discussion that in majority of the cases; land and the other things were considered responsible for fighting among the nations but in reality the difference of religions is the main ground for the fighting among the nations of the world. Mr. Zaidi continued by asking the definition of Allah/God from the audience sitting there and everyone gave their definition of the Great Almighty and no one was wrong either. Then the speaker gave his definition as what he considered the most summarized of all the 99 names of Allah which was “Qadir-e-Mutlaq” or “Supreme Authority”.
He then asked the definition of “Mazhab” or “Religion” and everyone again gave different definitions and then Mr. Zaidi gave his definition (which was considered the most acceptable one) was that Religion is the there to difference between the right and wrong. Later he also gave the definition of prayer and discussed the matter. It became a good listening session when the lecturer started presenting the core common elements of all the religions including love for humanity, believe in God, dejecting lie and love for truth, honesty, simplicity and submission to God. The session was followed by Q/A which lead to the in depth understanding of the topic. For the good; our another beloved faculty member Mr. Mazhar Jamil presented his views on the topic and thanked Mr. Ali Hafeez for arranging the session in such a small amount of time and Mr. Qamar Zaidi for preparing and delivering the wonderful lecture on such a short notice. The very strange behavior shown by the audience of TIP was again worth appreciating as the whole sitting went quite peacefully and students maintained the decorum of an intellectual session. I personally congratulate Mr. Ali Hafeez and TISF for arranging a wonderful programe.

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  1. If I have not mentioned some more points of the sitting, please mention since I do not remember all of them. Help me out here!

  2. good to hear that atlast someone started on talking on such important issues like love for humanity, believe in God, dejecting lie and love for truth, honesty, simplicity etc etc.
    congratulations to AH and his team!!

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