East Meets West-CARNIVAL 2007

While our country faces an emergency rule, TIP students celebrates what?-A Carnival! Amidst of all the tough political scenario, the glittering and smiling young faces of TIPIANS at the carnival reminds me of our potential and strength to grow and beat the world in education, science and creativity. Before I start drifting away from the topic, it will be better to talk about the event – CARNIVAL 2007.

I have completed my one year at TIP and it is the very first time that I honestly enjoyed any event. It looks like TISF has now truly emerged as an independent students forum which is only and only for the students. The theme was superb-western cowboys with their typical looks or get ups and girls in their traditional desi attires! It all seems to me a nice blend of east and west. Infact, our Pakistani society is a blend of eastern and western cultures. The whole setup including the stalls and stage was superb and the real smell of cowboys was floating everywhere. On the other hand, the local desi girls with their colorful dresses takes all of us back to our old traditions and remind us that we too have a culture which is not so bad or unattractive. Though the stalls again were not as much attracting as they should be, but still they captured the audience attention such as song dedication and donkey cart ride. The same old concept of a prison was not much eye grabbing. I think they should have tried something new rather than using the old concept. Food stalls were far better than the previous carnival, specially the biryani one.

Music has always been a must part of these kind of events, therefore this carnival features some great musical performances. Practically speaking, a new music scene has been developed in TIP even after the breaking of our very famous ‘HIJAAB’. Solid drums by Babar, bass by Sarim and mind blowing vocals of Arsalan and Haziq charged and captivated the audience till the end. Dance is a nice way to release you worries and tensions of life and to refresh yourself for the next hourlies and exams. This dance party was more colorful because of the cowboy theme which was the main gist of the event. Competitions between different dance groups and awarding price money to the student with a best get up were indeed very good and unique ideas to grab TIP public’s interest.

Though we all missed our beloved Dr. Zubair Bandukda and some of our senior teachers in the event, still, prominent figures like Ali Hafeez, Faiza Saeed and Miss Afshan enjoyed and appreciated the event. Since it was the first main event for first years, they enjoyed a lot and showed their active participation in things like settling up of stalls, appearing in cool get ups, musical performances, dance performances and so on. In all, carnival was a successful and hit event despite of very minor mishaps like closing of the movie ‘khuda kay liye’ in the half way between and the absence of some big guns of TIP. I personally congratulate TISF and Mr. Ali Hafeez for organizing such a unique event and providing us some great entertainment in this tense and critical state of the country.

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    yes this carnival prove it self to be far more better than the last carnival and the credit i believe completely goes to the theme which in words of TIPIANS wasn’t SUKKHA(dry)in fact was more thrilling. people sure did enjoy a lot as the dancing floor was filled with half of the TIPIANS and yes how can we forget Pakistan won these words sure did boost the energy of the TIPANS. anyways overall it was amazing i would also personally congratulate the members of the TISF and sir ali hafeez for this successful carnival.

  2. firstly i should congratulate the whole Tisf body, arsalan haris and waqas for arranging such a wonderful event. then the event management team also deserves appreciation as they were seen workin really hard in the arrangements of stalls, stage etc etc. i only knoe some of their names so will only mention them. Atif, haris hanif, ppl frm tmm4, ahsan aqil, and many others did an excellent job decoratin the whole theme. so congratulation ppl and we hope we would get even bettr events next time..

  3. @ rameez .. yaar sajjad ne tu koi gana nahe gaya ?? apni class ka hai tu bas aesay he tareef kar de !! good goin 😉

  4. nice article r@meez! i literaly enjoyed da carnival although i was a little late! actually i was so excited and thrilled abt our first carnival at TIP dat a few things got wrong and terrible but never mind mistakes r a part of our life, v should enjoy it with full boosted form of enthusiasm!

  5. i think the whole tisf and student body contribute their part to make this event a great success… only the time for the carnival was too short compare to the previous one’s else everything was great…

  6. well this was the first event for us whch was organised specially for the 1st years.. i firstly congratulate teachers and the students for working on it and making this event wonderful… and hope we get even better events next time as waqas said…
    we 1st years were excited to dress up as we did alot of tayari’s 😉 and the most exciting was the ENERGY of TIP’IANS whch showed by their colourful clothings and boost up level for the crazy hyperness specially in dancing.and yeh it has been proved to the freshmen tht TIP really looks beautiful at nite specailly tht Titanic! anyway superb work! Therefore congratulation to the TISF members and Sir Ali Hafeez for this successful carnival!

  7. @Waqas
    A mistake…actually Sajjad always performs in these kind of events so I didnt remeber that he performed or not…but now I have corrected the mistake.

  8. U guys truly are amazing…and thanks rameez for recognizing that there is something going on…which might have superseded something like a CARNIVAL!!!
    I have to accept though, that it does sound fun. I don’t find any reporting on the reactions of the student body of TIP at the martial law we’re subject to…looking fwd to seeing something on that.

  9. one thing that struck me there was…………….. there were very few texperts Y? are they fed up of tip or its just they’re too scared to be back cuz they might not be allowed to enter the premesis?!!!

  10. to be precise .. !!
    we sent invitation to all texperts …
    those who wanted to cum, came and had fun
    and those who didnt want to .. didnt cum … …SIMPLE

  11. @ Aneeq
    About the imposition of emergency in the country, a few faculty members and students are wearing black armbands but the rest of us don’t really care… There hasn’t been much of a reaction in the student body.

  12. why dont you block high way or may be organize a rally, bocz all over country people with such bands are doin the same?!!!

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