Election Masala

Once again, we are looking forward at the upcoming elections. The nomination forms have been submitted and soon we will witness the nominees with their posters all over the campus followed by a heavy election campaign. This time TISF has put up a debate session on 30 April where candidates can come up with their ‘proposals’ and ‘the way’ they will be handling the things in the near future. While candidates, strives to generate funds for their nomination forms and election campaign, we (like every time) watches the whole drama and assumes that this time we will get much better TISF. The most difficult thing, to me, in life is to satisfy people. Therefore, amidst of quite decent work by the last TISF, people again want a much and much better student body which is obviously their right as well. This time, Student’s forum has introduced two new seats and the first ever TISF official website as well.

Two new seats include Event management and Campus development. Considering the no or less participation of designers in the TISF, ‘Campus development’ seat is being reserved only for designers. There are students (though in minority), who want their campus much beautiful and nostalgic than any thing else. With a TISF funded seat like this, students can not only come with their ideas but can also implement them as well. Designers (being creative ones) can handle this job quite better than any one else. The need for an official student’s website was felt long time ago. Though quite late, this time first ever student’s forum web site has also been launched (do not visit it now since it is still without any news or updates).

This article would be like a ‘food without spice’ without discussing about the ever hot and controversial seat called ‘Publications’. Ah! With publications, sentences like “yaar magazine kab aaye ga……dooosray magazine ka time ho gaya hai yeh ab aa raha hai?” And like “yaar yeh kia bakwaas or fazool article likha hai” and so on. Publications, unfortunately, is the most difficult and hectic post of TISF. This time, and the very first time, Publications seat is EMPTY…Yes, I mean that no one is actually willing to take this task rather a million dollar challenge I say. It is serious and mind you very serious; no candidate for this post clearly sent the message to higher authorities that there are some serious and considerable problems for the Publications. Heavy criticism, lack of support, lack of team work and co-ordination might be the reasons for that (but I am not going to discuss that since I really do not much about it). We hope and pray if someone can actually take this task (if time and circumstances permits him/her to do that).

2nd of May is the day when the fate of future President, General Secretary, Finance Secretary and all other ministries will be decided; day when losing group will be blaming others for using wrong means to grab voters. While TISF Co-coordinator, Mr. Ali Hafeez and the entire supporting faculty prepares for a ‘free, fair, transparent and peaceful elections, it is the duty rather the right of each and every student to cast his/her vote. I conclude this article on a positive remark that Textile Institute Student’s Forum is a pure student body; only and only for the students. It is not only the duty of President or GS to organize events or the duty of Publications secretary to bring the magazine, in fact it is the responsibility of all the four departments (Science, management, apparel and design) to support, help and encourage the elected members for the work they do. Instead of playing the dirty politics and relying on the ministers, every student should come up with his/her own ideas and efforts since each and every student is a TISF member and this forum belongs to students.

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