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This year TISF planned something special for freshmen at the GALA, the freshmen Awards. Every winner was given a special gift describing his/her award. All the things went fine except for when in today’s meeting, when the TISF Activity Secretary was asked to provide bills for those award products, he came up with this….


  1. 1st of all I agree with Furhan…
    Whoever wrote it, wrote it beautifully.

    2ndly, I admire the step taken by Activity Sect. as he has clearly shown every 1, the prices of items & has brought transparency in TIP.

    Nice work TISF team & I hope they will continue with the same transparency in the coming events.

  2. @ Ibad
    Let it be transparent my friend rather than being defensive, would the activity secretary explain that how come these small things like soap, glasses, 1 balloon and birthday cap be to expensive..
    or are you gonna be defensive rather than who is suppose to be!!!

  3. Man the budget this time around must be tight… they can’t even afford a printout 😛

    @ whoever gives a c**p about this

    Isn’t it actually the finance secretary’s job to post the relevant finance details… with all the “revolution” and the TISF “reform” thing that was voiced last semester I seriously hoped that at least the job descriptions should have been made clear.

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