Friday the 13th marks golden day in TIP sports history

13022009001While Friday the 13th may be a nightmare for the superstitious, TIP’s cricket team has no reasons to believe so after winning the final of Inter University Cricket Tournament against Behria University, and making their Alma mater proud. 2165_2663820274114545725_7473_nThe tournament was organized by NU-FAST Business School.

Quack! on behalf of its entire team congratulates Captain Azhar (AMM4), and his team consisting of Khurram Hussain (AMM2), Saad Idrees (TMM1), Wahaj Patel (TMM2), Sajjad Mehdi (TS3), Ahmer Amin (TS2), Amer Butt (TMM4), Yousuf Omer (AMM4), Ahsan Karim (AMM3), Qaseemuddin Chawla (TS4), Saad Talat (AMM3), Ahmed Ali (TS3) and Bilal Ahmed (TS3) for their wonderful success!

Keep it up!

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