Haraam Khaiyeh, Sabko Khilaiyeh, Election Jeet Jaiyeh!

Maasoom student politics hai yeh. Aaghaaz taaleemi idaaro say, ikhtetaam hukoomat ki gaddi par. Ya wahan bhi nahi?

This Sunday I received my first invitation to a pre election feast – or Khaapa as many like to call it – thrown by one of the election candidates for TISF 2009-’10.

Why did I refuse? Simple. Not everybody likes a payment for casting their vote. By judging the amount of clapping sentimental, pro religion statements receive during lectures and events, one tends to misjudge the quality of morals and ethics practiced among the masses. Religious morals seem to be available at large either for namesake, or for a price, whatever applies these days.

And for the sake of justice, why should the 4th year – that’s about to graduate in 2  months – be even allowed to vote for selection of a student body that will have nothing to do with them? All they do is sell their votes and ruin the results of elections. These food fests are common, and last for months.

So, fine, all years are involved in this corruption, but why not start with the obvious and apparent? Why is everyone turning an oblivious eye and ear to something so wrong?

Isn’t it amazing how people who have never cared about anything, ever, regarding the betterment of students and their institution become active representations of goodness, piety, noble causes and great manners right before the elections? Why must you bribe people to convince them you’re good enough to be voted for?

We abuse our presidents and dictators for making our lives hell with their corrupt rules thinking we deserve better. No we don’t. We deserve worse. We’re the reason this state is in the state it is in.


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  1. Please forward this article “Haraam Khaiyeh, Sabko Khilaiyeh, Election Jeet Jaiyeh!” to Mr Irfan Hussian (BABA-E-JUMHORIAYT) too, just read Mr Irfan’s articles full of praises for PRESENT LEADERS OF DEMOCRACY IN PAKISTAN (FLOP SHOW) AND WRITING ALL THIS STUFF FROM ABROAD.


    I dont know about TIP yet, but at IBA they treat the ENTIRE new batch from BBA and MBA to Pizza Hut and Barbq Tonite; they take you to farm house, beaches and give you free campaigning T-shirts,wrist bands and what not! Not to forget musical concerts as well.

    And at parties, its like a buffet, all that you can eat free of charge! Pizzas pour out of the sky and the election team stands on your head all the time to pour drinks in your glass.

    Occasionally, they invite the entire batch to a party at their home, or they arrange girls party, guys bachelor-sort of party and all.Its wild!

    And a great deal of campaigning is funded by the management itself. Imagine that! I have heard it amounts to some lakh of rupees. I have heard too that a great deal of it is refunded by the students body within a few months time of a party being elected.

    They know ways of how to make money. After all, thats what they are taught there.

    Its so much fun being a voter there!

  3. @ Syeda

    I never said it doesn’t happen elsewhere, and even if it does, what’s wrong is wrong. There’s nothing wrong with campaigning, but there’s fine line between campaigning and buy off voters, and here we tend to cross that line really well.

    This is hypocrisy, as I have mentioned earlier, If a person has been proactive and out there since the start, there’s nothing wrong with marketing one’s self positively to get peoples attention, but for invisible people (who you’re not even sure possess a voice in their throat) to start feeding people to buy them, it’s wrong.

    Besides, my emphasis is on the 4th years who should not be allowed to vote. They’re nothing but a bunch of sell offs!

  4. I’m sure that there’s still no agreement between the host and the voter. A treat against a vote or a bribe to guarantee a cast.

    The public should enjoy the most. They should be persuaded to vote but not be bound to an agreement against payment or a treat.

    Food for thought… whats worse? Bribery or betrayal?

    Technically, if the voters aren’t “easily convinced,” (one might also use the term “loyal”) they will probably be the ones to gain the most.

  5. “Besides, my emphasis is on the 4th years who should not be allowed to vote.”

    this hard of hearing, out-of-US old lady who wouldnt be around to live through the presidency period shouldn’t have the right to cast vote.

    Besides what difference does it make to her if the iraq war ends or not, right?

  6. exactly. who’s furhan to say that the fourth year students would graduate in two months? has he seen the future?

    just a comparison; not that any policies made by the president is going to affect her own life in any significant way, but the fact that she’s alive and conscious and part of a nation makes her eligible to vote, and decide what her children or her children’s children would be getting in future.

  7. Being a 4th year from TIP myself, I have, maybe a little insight into what the masses talk about, how they think about things concerning the institute and the TISF.

    They don’t give a fudge about who gets elected, maybe if one of the nominees is a friend or relative, as long as they are having loads of fun misusing their voting power.

    I have not seen the future and neither am I predicting, but seeing the past trends and using common sense, I can assure that over 99% 4th years do graduate and a majority of them never look back at TIP after a year or two, let alone care about who’s representing the student body and how.

    Institutional culture changes with every new incoming batch and an old batch whose made it’s share of influence, and has no seriousness about wanting to do more (the majority) should not have such an opaque opportunity to play around with things that don’t directly concern them.

    I like how TIP’s first years don’t remain scared mice for ther next 2 years as they used to in old days fearing seniors, similar to certain other institutions, and this change was brought about by 1st years in a course of past 4 years. It’s just an example, and it shows how more powerful and uninfluenced younger, fresher minds are.

    4th years and influence the results of new elections even without voting with their goodwill and understanding of how these systems function. Why the emphasis on voting.

    I remain firm with my stand against cutting off final year votes that have little intention towards improvement, and more towards malicious enjoyment and result manipulation just for the heck of it. The other alternative, of course, is selling oneself off.

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