Idhar udhar ki baatein

I’ve been told to come up with an article after every two weeks. It’s been twenty days and my previous article is STILL on the main home page of the Quack online newsletter…thus I have come to conclude that nobody writes at all and Quack has quacked at last. So why don’t people write? Maybe they have nothing to write about (though to tell the truth, neither do I), maybe they have other things to do (though playing table tennis and cards all day don’t really qualify) or maybe they’re just plain lazy. Whatever the answer, the fact remains that Quack needs more contributors, and the laws of probability state that out of the 120 or so newcomers this year at least one should be able to write something. So oh new writer, where the hell are you?

While our new writer wakes up from his/her year long hibernation, I’ll look for something to actually write about. Let’s start with a bit of news: There’s finally going to be an inter-university debate at TIP but it’s scheduled on a Saturday so we don’t get to miss any classes. Sigh. The debate’s on the 5th and rumor has it that the Annual day is on the 4th! Of course since it’s a TIP-generated rumor there’s probably a 0.05% element of truth in it BUT if the Annual day is scheduled for the 4th of May that means that the next week is going to be very very happening.

The election fever will officially begin this Monday; I say officially because actual election fever begins the first day of the spring semester and students get nominated, un-nominated, harassed into nomination and then further harassed into stepping down throughout the semester. It’s a very interesting series of events and I’m sure if you look closely you’ll be able to pinpoint future Nawaz Sharif’s, Sherpaos and FazlurRehmans. Sadly we haven’t been able to produce a Benazir yet, and I doubt we ever will. Till then we should appreciate Abeya.

So maybe Nawaz Sharif will win, maybe Sherpao, and maybe (Allah rehm kare) even Fazl-ur-Rahman; but before we vote for any of them why don’t we try considering whether they’ll actually make a difference after they’re elected, and whether they really are the best candidate for the job they’re running for. For as long as the TISF has been around, the elections have been more a competition between the departments than a competition between the individuals. Science’s will vote for a science-wala, management will vote for a management-wala and design tau khair kisi khaate main hi nahi aata. This year, let’s vote for the person who seems like he (or she, though that’s a VERY unlikely situation) is actually worthy of the post…

But who am I kidding? This year’s election will be exactly like last years. And the year before’s, and like all the elections that have ever taken place in the history of TIP. Sigh again.

5 Replies to “Idhar udhar ki baatein”

  1. even though we feel like we’re voting for the worthy one …… why do we regret our decision after he’s been elected…..

    and regarding benazir ……. she should’ve acted right before she got smacked right!!!!

  2. You’re optimism inspires deep gratitude amongst the textile community :p

  3. umm…i dont recall asking for your sympathy in the entire article. of course if just the fact that i’m in design and have opinions which i’m not afraid to express, using my own name btw and not some so called rock artist’s who doesnt know his identity’s been stolen, means I’m searching for sympathy…then so be it.

    and whoever you are, you may not have ‘seeked’ it, but you certainly found MY sympathy…you poor little soul who can’t spell “designer”…

  4. maybe he doesn’t mean designer. maybe he means ‘desinger’. you can’t know every word in the dictionary, now can u? 😛

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