Kya result hai?!! TISF gets Elected #ELECTIONS2014

May 16, 2014 embarks the election of TISF 2014 and the politics brewing since a week comes to an end. Bus bhai aur nai hota.

From 9:00am to noon the atmosphere of TIP was so tense that it seemed like 11 May 2013 is here all over again. Supporters of panels were on the brink of insanity as they appealed for votes till the last moment and then there were those who were undecided till the last moment. It was fun.

To say that R.A.Z won was a surprise is not an understatement. By the time voting was done it was crystal clear that the panel will win. Arbab Khan won Financial Secretary with 157 votes, Raveed khan grabbed the seat of General Secretary by 125 votes and Zair Shafqat swept the President’s position with 116 votes.

Now let us talk about politics.

It’s tradition to have a sleepover at hostel before election but this stay doesn’t happen to have fun but to have votes. So what happens at hostel stays at hostel but it was the stay that decided the fate of these Elections.

Alla mazay tou yahan hai k Raveed Khan though a tough contender had a powerful opponent, Adeela Feroz Shah, she lost by 30 votes. Now, Adeela’s win was certain- she didn’t stand up on a hunch- but something happened during the night and before casting votes that Raveed support peaked. Raveed already having support from design started garnering votes form all disciplines. Now Raveed purely won on his ability and experience which Adeela was lacking. What has Raveed done? Look at Dramatips. What has Adeela done? _________
Thats where votes went.

Adeel Aftab and Zair Shafqat. Now that’s what we are talking about! Their faces were a novel length story on that day. To be honest, Zair had 95% chance of sweeping elections. It was definite before elections as his panel was very strong but Adeel was standing tall due to his experience and ability. Adeel Aftab didn’t lose because he was incapable of handling TISF, he only lost because his supporters were not clear on who to vote. Zair Shafqat’s win was also in jeopardy as he didn’t go and beg for votes, so some were offended but as the slogan goes: Zair bhai ko vote do, baqi sab ko chor do.

However, here is something I heard:
1 speaker: Zair aya tum se vote mangne?
2 speaker: Nai yar mein tou janta bhi nai hun wo koun hai.
1: aur baqi(opponents) aye?
2: han baqi sab aye. Mein ne bola mein unko dun ga.
1: ab dekho, tum inn baqi sub ko do din pehle jante the?
2: nai, kisi ne shakal bhi nai dekhai thi.
1: nai dekhai thi na, ab do din baad ye phir nazar nahi ayein ge. Zair ko dekhho wo pehle bhi nai aya ab bhi nai aye ga. Aisay bande ko vote do na jiss ka character nahi badle. Tumhe jo ghass dale ga tum uss k pass chale jao ge kya, ankhein khol na….

Aur ye howa app ka vote. There went the votes to Zair Shafqat. So sometimes not asking for votes is a plus.

Nofil Panjwani was really courageous to stand up for elections. He had support which dwindled before elections. Even then he took 17 votes and before Elections was a noose around the neck for his opponents. He had a 50% chance for the seat if R.A.Z hadn’t stood up.

Arabab Khan, he was unopposed and a rumor went in air that if he loses then the Finance seat will go to Mazhar Jamil. That’s a low blow and there goes the vote. Plus, Arbab had many supporters to make him win on that alone.

Now as the elections are over the mohool of Tip is back to what it was: thanda. But now the TISF is going to be hot as hell between the old TISF and new TISF plus the debacle of annual dinner on the chart. If you are not in TIP you are missing it. The first thing that the TISF has to do now is the Audit which as Zarrar Zubair said will be done along with Election. So lets see what happens.

For now, however, celebrate victory. Congratulations R.A.Z!!!

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