This year’s beach bash was… everyone had a different view of it. Some, after comparing it with Saboor’s beach bash said it wasn’t worth their Sunday; others said that it was better when Rs.400 were taken but in my case: it wasn’t that bad.

On reaching there we got to know our first blunder: Sunday.

On Sunday never expect any beach in Pakistan to be empty and in Hawkes bay’s case it wasn’t just filled;  but it had seemed that whole of Karachi was in attendance. If I had a picture then I would have shown you guys the expression of Tip-ians when we surveyed the beach from our hut’s terrace: Facepalm!

There wasn’t room to stand. None. And especially not within those who were there. Not discriminating but it’s rather difficult to stand by people who are half naked and spitting in the water. But, yes, we went in that water. The waves were high and it was fun. The guys who came had formed the circle around girls and that was our safety net. Within it we enjoyed go the fullest.

There were no bars set on food and drinks. The Eat-all-you can deal was on. After maghrib when at last the shore was empty dyes-hoarded from the lab- were brought and the promise of Rangoli was fulfilled.

Throughout it all, the music and dancing was on full swing, plus; the Textile Shouting Society held their auditions then and there which the whole public was witness to.

Last was the Bonfire, held at the drive way of the hut. It lasted less than half an hour after which it was announced that the points were leaving.

I would say it was good. There wasn’t shortage of anything; we enjoyed the only major negative were the people RIGHT outside our hut but what can we do about it, right?