Literal Latte

Literary Society in collaboration with Publications committee welcomes you all to a LITERAL-LATTEcreative/story writing competition in which 3-4 topics will be displayed at the time of event and participants will be given a good one hour to write anything about the topic. Those who do not want to display their names may use their student ids. Event is open for all the currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of TIP and is aimed to provide a platform for new writers to present their skills. Prizes will be given to first, second and third positions and best writings will be included in the upcoming ‘Talking Textures’ (TIP’s annual student magazine).

Date: 4th November 09 in TISF slot
Venue: Lecture Theatre, TIP

Your participation will be highly appreciated!

For details contact;
Rameez Ahmed Khan
Representative, TIP Literary Society

Mohsin Butt
Publications Secretary, TISF 2009-10

Amna Khan, TDT3

Note: This competition has very little to do with your English writing and phrasing skills but it majorly depends upon your imagination to create things around you. Topics will be humorous on which majority of people can easily imagine and write so you don’t have to be a professional writer to win this event.