Mayhem at the Spring Fest ‘09

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Mayhem at the Spring Fest ’09
by anonymous coward

All in all people seemed to have enjoyed the spring festival (specially the fireworks) but what happened at the back of it all was the part which will effect most of us in the future and this is inevitable! Why do I make such bold claims well the following would clear it all up for you.

Management at the event turned to a point of disaster with all the electricity voltages being there but this is not the only thing that made it all bad. Mishaps are bound to happen at events and that is what makes such things a learning process, but what is there to learn from it all is to have contingencies set up (and how to execute them) so that no one suffers. Most of you might not know but actually there were a total of five bands (including our own TIMF band) which were supposed to be performing at the event. Only three of them could actually grace the stage and these bands I should inform you (and this is from a credible source mind you) came in for free (leaving Reath out). Now where does this all leave us? These people made their way to our institute just for the sake of performing in front of us and they got rejected as the event lost precious time due (but not restricted) to the voltage issue. Now at a future event how credible does the TISF stand in front of artists and performers? Would others be willing to sacrifice their time for nothing? Come on TISF you need to be better prepared with all of this after all coordination between five people isn’t that hard now? Or is it?

But is this all? Is it only the TISF that is responsible? Well up till this point many of you might think so but don’t you wonder as to exactly why was the event delayed to begin with? All the equipment was set up in the amphitheatre well before the show was bound to begin then why didn’t the show kick off earlier? Well now this is where the plot gets all twisted as we mark in the entry of the one and only Mr. Ali Hakeem (didn’t see that coming now did you). Now let me guide you through at exactly what happened and what I learned from official sources. The concert was due with the sound checks at 6:30 which unfortunately did not happen and thus explains the problems that were then encountered. Now you would be wondering as to why Ali Hakeem would have anything to do with the sound checks? Well he doesn’t but, he was the next one up with the magazine launch at 7:00 and this is what got things even more mangled up then they actually were, sponsors made their way at 7:00 sharp just as Ali had told them (along with their families) and Mr. Ali himself was nowhere to be found. Now what was the next call to be made? Should the artists be called up or should we wait out another ten or twenty minutes? Who was to make that call? Who was willing to be the scapegoat that decided it all? After all these are high profile people and major contributing sources for the TISF’s cause. Could the magazine launch be called off now?

Things then kicked off with the frustrated guests still at the back of the minds of many, just to be plagued by the voltage thing (this is getting all repetitive now isn’t it) but that was sorted out in a while, but how do you deal with a frustrated sponsor who has the right to be angry (but not with you and that is for certain). How were these people to be received? Who was to entertain them? And where were they supposed to be accommodated once they were on campus? These are the questions that brings on all the focus on Ali Hakeem, wasn’t he the one who was responsible for the launch? Were these not his guests to begin with? Was it not his duty to properly have things arranged for them? And yeah there wasn’t any equipment that had been obtained to screen his magnificent video that he had prepared. Well what the heck difference could the equipment make if the person responsible comes in 90 minutes later. Well in the midst of it all, some members of the publication and of the TISF scuffed here and there to get the projector and the screen for a show that was never meant to be. Some people were asked to move to the auditorium for a private launch (as it was decided that a public screening might cause a stir with the outside crowd) of the magazine only to find out that the auditorium was not accessible and the whole thing had to be called off. Now where does this leave us? The sponsors headed off frustrated. Now would they in the future take part in sponsoring anything associated with the TISF or TIP for that matter? Now these are the questions to ponder and which would now completely establish my earlier claims.

Now this one is in regards accomplishments and the most prestigious award at TIP (yes I am referring to the Eqbal Ahmed Award) and my point here is to say that truly this year’s winner deserved it for he truly accomplished what a many could not with their memorable stays at TIP

  • Delay a very expensive event which offended a lot of people (the performers in general).
  • Decimated the image of TIP in front of the sponsors and thus single handedly effecting futures of many students present at TIP.
  • Gave migraines to all the people somehow related in organizing the event.

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  1. kia hogaya hai lug reha hai ziada Purh rahey hain suBbb!!!,,,, c`mon 4 more 2 go after this one…..
    Ali hakeeem acted Irresponisible… isn’t it shaBi????( Sorryy)

  2. abey yaar ye nizamuddin butt ab kaun naya agaya market mei???? 100th post loot k legaya:@:@:@:@:

    sharam kuro baaqi jo pichhley huftey se lurr murr rahey thei…:>

  3. buht maza aa raha tha. quack per.jaisay hi amer butt nay entry mari hai.sub sookh gaya hai.

  4. people Ali Hakeem’s fault is only that he was not on tym other wise every thing would have been fine and let me clear one thing i m taking only about launching ceremony…. on the other hand the mismanagement in the concert or any other thing like guitars, lights, what so ever was TISF’s fault because TISF said that we had informed Ali Hakeem that he must be starting his ceremony by 6:30 n he was not there even by 7 take 7:30 so TISF must have started the concert no one from the publication asked them to delay the it… and about canceling the launch what option do he has other than that TISF was already trying to delay the points by half an hour due to their own mismanagement and the launching of the magazine means another hour… at last i m not saying that TISF didn’t done well the event was fine every one enjoyed it there were some ups n downs but relating all those to publications would not be fair

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