Mayhem at the Spring Fest ‘09

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Mayhem at the Spring Fest ’09
by anonymous coward

All in all people seemed to have enjoyed the spring festival (specially the fireworks) but what happened at the back of it all was the part which will effect most of us in the future and this is inevitable! Why do I make such bold claims well the following would clear it all up for you.

Management at the event turned to a point of disaster with all the electricity voltages being there but this is not the only thing that made it all bad. Mishaps are bound to happen at events and that is what makes such things a learning process, but what is there to learn from it all is to have contingencies set up (and how to execute them) so that no one suffers. Most of you might not know but actually there were a total of five bands (including our own TIMF band) which were supposed to be performing at the event. Only three of them could actually grace the stage and these bands I should inform you (and this is from a credible source mind you) came in for free (leaving Reath out). Now where does this all leave us? These people made their way to our institute just for the sake of performing in front of us and they got rejected as the event lost precious time due (but not restricted) to the voltage issue. Now at a future event how credible does the TISF stand in front of artists and performers? Would others be willing to sacrifice their time for nothing? Come on TISF you need to be better prepared with all of this after all coordination between five people isn’t that hard now? Or is it?

But is this all? Is it only the TISF that is responsible? Well up till this point many of you might think so but don’t you wonder as to exactly why was the event delayed to begin with? All the equipment was set up in the amphitheatre well before the show was bound to begin then why didn’t the show kick off earlier? Well now this is where the plot gets all twisted as we mark in the entry of the one and only Mr. Ali Hakeem (didn’t see that coming now did you). Now let me guide you through at exactly what happened and what I learned from official sources. The concert was due with the sound checks at 6:30 which unfortunately did not happen and thus explains the problems that were then encountered. Now you would be wondering as to why Ali Hakeem would have anything to do with the sound checks? Well he doesn’t but, he was the next one up with the magazine launch at 7:00 and this is what got things even more mangled up then they actually were, sponsors made their way at 7:00 sharp just as Ali had told them (along with their families) and Mr. Ali himself was nowhere to be found. Now what was the next call to be made? Should the artists be called up or should we wait out another ten or twenty minutes? Who was to make that call? Who was willing to be the scapegoat that decided it all? After all these are high profile people and major contributing sources for the TISF’s cause. Could the magazine launch be called off now?

Things then kicked off with the frustrated guests still at the back of the minds of many, just to be plagued by the voltage thing (this is getting all repetitive now isn’t it) but that was sorted out in a while, but how do you deal with a frustrated sponsor who has the right to be angry (but not with you and that is for certain). How were these people to be received? Who was to entertain them? And where were they supposed to be accommodated once they were on campus? These are the questions that brings on all the focus on Ali Hakeem, wasn’t he the one who was responsible for the launch? Were these not his guests to begin with? Was it not his duty to properly have things arranged for them? And yeah there wasn’t any equipment that had been obtained to screen his magnificent video that he had prepared. Well what the heck difference could the equipment make if the person responsible comes in 90 minutes later. Well in the midst of it all, some members of the publication and of the TISF scuffed here and there to get the projector and the screen for a show that was never meant to be. Some people were asked to move to the auditorium for a private launch (as it was decided that a public screening might cause a stir with the outside crowd) of the magazine only to find out that the auditorium was not accessible and the whole thing had to be called off. Now where does this leave us? The sponsors headed off frustrated. Now would they in the future take part in sponsoring anything associated with the TISF or TIP for that matter? Now these are the questions to ponder and which would now completely establish my earlier claims.

Now this one is in regards accomplishments and the most prestigious award at TIP (yes I am referring to the Eqbal Ahmed Award) and my point here is to say that truly this year’s winner deserved it for he truly accomplished what a many could not with their memorable stays at TIP

  • Delay a very expensive event which offended a lot of people (the performers in general).
  • Decimated the image of TIP in front of the sponsors and thus single handedly effecting futures of many students present at TIP.
  • Gave migraines to all the people somehow related in organizing the event.

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  1. Definitely there was an issue with our management and we need to acknowledge this in order for us to improve. I would agree with this writer however that it wasn’t simply us who should be blamed because there were elements that we could not have controlled when things got underway and caused panic. one more thing that i would like to add that if an event goes wrong, mind you that is why we promoted the event under the name of the TISF, so due to any issues regarding the event would not reflect it on to the institute itself.

  2. Definitely there was an issue regarding the management and we need to acknowledge this in order for us to improve. i would however agree with this writer on the fact that we should not be the only ones who should be blamed as once things got underway there were elements we could not control which resulted in panic, I would however not want to point out fingers at anyone.One more thing that i would like to add is that the mishap that we encountered and were responsible for was the voltage issue and not for the magazine launch as we were not the ones planning it, we were simply there to facilitate and if the person who was incharge of it was not there then we cannot be held liable for it.

  3. definitely there was an issue regarding the management and we need to acknowledge this in order for us to improve. i would however agree with this writer on the fact that we should not be the only ones who should be blamed as once things got underway there were elements we could not control which resulted in panic, I would however not want to point out fingers at more thing that i would like to add is that the mishap that we encountered and were responsible for was voltage issue and not for the magazine launch as we were not the ones planning it rather we were only there to facilitate and if the person responsible for it was not there then we cannot be held liable for it.

  4. Anonymous person. First u should be courageous to write ur name. And then blame small group of TISF who have arranged this great event with their maximum effort. Management was not aware of the voltage issue.. but still they have figure it out.Contingency plan was also available but even generators could not bear the load. So far as the issue of concert is concerned, the reath band was late to arrive, that’s why TISF faced problems. In my view, it was wonderful event arranged by TISF and everyone enjoyed it, specially the firework was splendid.I would like to mention, the people who want to enjoy themselves can enjoy even in the barren land but who don’t, they are always critics.In last,I want to ask from you people that why we always highlight negative points. Please we are from same institute.. Always think in a manner to promote and not to demote yourself as well as ur institute.

  5. @ Mr. Anonymous
    Your comments on the event are logical and we have always appreciated critcism. I agree there were very serious mismanagements but that is how we learn actually. I would like to point out the 3 critical blunders:

    1) Wrong Time and place for the magazine launch: We were supposed to launch and distribute the magazine at the amphitheatre where the audience were going crazy! And secondly, the time at which people were waiting for the concert and there was no proper lighting arrangements for the launching ceremony.

    2) Ali Hakeem’s late arrival: Should it had been on time; things would not had turned that bad.

    3) No schedule or proper break up of time for the separate magazine launching ceremony and the performance of 4 bands.

    I, too, held myself responsible for all the mishaps as far as publications is concerned. We actually forgot the basic principles of event management. We tried to accomodate so many things at one point of time which actually went spoiled. But that is the way we learn. Yesterday, I with our publications team, encountered a real time management case study and thought about how can we manage the things in the industries if we are not able to correct here a few small things.

    TISF came with a wonderful idea and the event goes nice as well. Electricity issue should not be blamed over the TISF since management of TIP were supposed to handle that.

    Thank you for reading my whole lengthy comment and please bear my criticism as these are the realities and we should learn from them.

  6. Very well written and to the point writeup Mr/Miss Anonymous, you are right about so many things … its not bad to discuss and share why you think your institute got humiliated … its important to dig out reasons and pinpoint the culprit who single handedly played with the future of many TIP students.

    You are not coward, you are a concerned student, who is sharing his/her views about something that effects students in many ways. Thank You for your effort. Stop attacking the “anonymous” personality of the writer and think about the issue he/she raised and defend or criticize the reasons he/she gave for the disastrous SPRING FEST 09.

    Now, Rameez, i was not at the event but i know some things from authentic source, which I will clear coz u are wrong about them. The event had a proper schedule and time slots arranged for each part. The way the time was managed was wrong. So speak for yourself not all publications or TISF. Everyone is not responsible for a few individuals mistakes. Ali hafeez also ditched the tisf at last moment, although he loves to boss around. Why?

    And secondly, rameez, the electricity was entirely TISF’s fault which they admitted. Mr.Salahuddin was not informed earlier and there was not even an electrician. Wow

  7. I think Mr. Anonymous you should be mature enough to first know what happened n then criticize. Raeth Band had promised to arrive at 4 pm for sound check. they did not keep their promise. the blame goes to TISF definately they should made a plan for promises are made to be broken right. Secondly what i percieve from your writing style you were not a part of the working team. But i was a part of it , we recieved the bands n tolerated their arrogant attitude n we even carried their bags. N all u can do is jux criticize n belive me we were mentally prepared for it n 1 more gud news for ppl like you we damn care i know da event was gud inspite of sum flaws in it ….. we tried our best n do not expect any appreciation. we arer happy it was a great event well done TISF hats off 2 u n Ahsan Aqil TS4 great job man

  8. Some times its good to encourage the team effort of TISF.i Kno its hard for the students of TIP to do so but mind u!it will really help and motivate them to work harder for other up coming events..The Spring Festival entertained majority of ppl with just an exception of few critics who love exagerrating and passing negative remarks every time. i agree with the failure of the power supply at the very last moment but this is due to the ignorance Mr Sulauddin who was well informed by the TISF to take into notice such pbms..The major issue was that the electricity had gone and the generator was not able to bear that massive load..Such mishaps are part of the process.The overall event was sucessful…Especially the stunning fireworks!!!! My only arguement is that how can the most effecient texpert(winner of the Iqbal Ahmed Award) be soo ineffecient? Is it because he has “already” received his price award worth Rs 10, 000 ..?? According to the schedule the magzine launch was to start at 7:00 sharp. How could he be so careless with the timings? The cheif guests sulked 2 hours and were sent back without the launch..Now how sad is tht?.I have heard he was at work but that certainly doesnt support his excuse..He should have directly co ordinated with the TISF president rather than sending his messengers with incomplete information.He has made his magzine launch such a drag tht i am sure students are not even excited enuff to see it anymore.!!Its very easy to complain..students like Mr malik very easily pinpointed culprits by sitting at home and not even bein part of the event..cheers!!!i admire your concerns for the event. TISf did work very hard through out the two semesters and I thank them for their efforts..!!Im sure our encouragement will make them work even better next time..good job guys..!!!

  9. v came … v enjoyed …
    TISF rockd ..
    thnx to all the TISF members for making this event, a joyous day for us …

  10. Thank you Rameez for bringing up point number 1, its my pleasure to inform you that the time and place was selected by none other then Ali Hakeem himself. I can confidently post here that I informed him personally that we would have time issues, as we had a jam packed schedule and I even proposed that he could play it all safe and launch the magazine on the same day but during the last slot in the auditorium but he refused to do so stating that his guests won’t be able to come… therefore I can safely say that TISF was not responsible for what happened regarding the magazine launch in any way.

  11. i simply dnt understand one thing!!!!most of teh critics who were present at the event had a great time,but man just to be in the lime lite it excepetionally imporatant for them to CRITICISE…yar plz limelite mai anai sai kuch nahe milaiga …think from every perspective, the work they do is after goin thru loads of hardwork and toil and not to forget students demotivation and their never ending commentry ,before the event is even confirmed.IF U GUYS HELP THE TISF PPL and want to give suggestions do so..rather then sitting watchn thm work and then passing amazn comments!!WAH kia bat hai!!!ITS EASY TO SAY RATHER THEN REALISING THAT THEY ARNT THE ONLY ONES RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE AN EVENT SUCCESSFUL ,WE Are a part of tip !Hum discourage karaingai so imagine wht the outsiders will do ..aur plz if u guys luv criticising and wining then its better not to attend the event….her cheez chahiyai per encourage 1% bhi nahe kersaktai kia!!!
    oh hw can we forget ali hakeem IRRESPONSIBLE ATTITUDE WHICH was a great reason for some mishaps during the event..hats off to him who came long after the required time!!. after the called oFF launch ceremony the magazines importance has gone down the drain!!
    the fireworks rocked guys!!!

  12. well overall i enjoyed the event alot. if anyone thinks that there was a time missmanagement or the event was not properly planned, well saad ashraf did mail the tisf google grp the whole time schedule..
    what really impressed me about the event was that i saw so many diffrent people trying to put in their efforts which i think is a really good gesture by us tipianz, this should further be
    continued.. fireworks was amazing, free kites from the musik :DD, and well arranging so many free bands was something that should be appreciated..
    the only thing that went wrong was that the concert which couldnt be properly kicked off as planned, many people dont know that it was the Dj who should be blamed, according to me he shouldnt hav been even given the money !! he wasted alot of time settin up the sound, in which all the bands were suppose to sound check. then two of his main monitors(speakers) wernt even WORKING !! he was missing an electrician jisko he wz cursin on the phone, now without an electrician my music understanding friends can tell its ####### hard to properly set up the sound aur yehi hua. our guitars werent properly working, the same happen with raeth too which wasted alot of time !! the mic used to go off in between !! wht i mean is tht u deserve alot more when you are payin the Dj a 20 000 rs !! dont you !!
    tisf did their best they could on the situation and were able to manage the situation. the only
    thing i want to put forward is that not everyone knows the techicalities regarding the sound,
    wouldnt it be much better to let the people who can actually understand it given the duty to
    arrange it properly !! we have a TIMF student body, ppl who understand music.. i think they
    should be given the responsibily for Dj arrangements just like the event society is given the job to properly organize the event.. CBM does the same, and so does AMI !! we should atleast think about it !
    so according to me what we have to do is divide responsibilities. Awwab shouldnt be the only person or his team to be running around here and there.

    comments are welcomed !!

  13. First of all I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank not only the 5 members of TISF but the whole bunch of people behind them who worked day in and day out to make this event a HIT and that it was… Despite all the interupptions and mishaps majority of the crowd enjoyed the event which is really commendable and all thanks to the concerned people who tried to manage the problem effectively.
    Secondly, I would like to point that problems dont come giving a NOTICE but when they are properly managed that is when the effort must be appreciated.
    Lastly I would say that this event was the one of the best that I have experienced in my past 4 years at TIP. THANKS TISF!

    I would like to leave you people with a quote by a famous scholar,
    “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

  14. @ everyone who went all defensive about the TISF

    please people take some time out and go through the article once more as i think you simply could not understand the context and the flow of it. i am in no way suggesting that the event was a bad one. i just focused at what happened at the back and the consequences it would have. now getting back to answering to to some of the comments

    1)@ Adnan Malik

    call me coward or whatever, calling me a coward does not shift the focus of this article. to tell you the truth you should yourself get your self a dictionary and look up contingency because what you guys did wasn’t execution of a backup plan rather it was just improvisation (and i appreciate that) and nothing else, a contingency is a pure back up that is supposed to be well thought out and fool proof which it wasn’t.
    one thing i do not understand as to why do people give this lame excuse “if people want to enjoy…”, come on if that is the case then why even have events in the first place. let us all not arrange for anything and not spend money and enjoy the sunshine and the grass at TIP.

    2) @ Moiz

    “what i percieve from your writing style you were not a part of the working team”… just let me tell you this that i was more a part of the working team that night than you realize buddy. you are right about that the TISF should have realized that promises are meant to be broken… but what about those other bands which promised and were there, don’t you think they had a right to perform? after all raeth was being paid (and with a valid contract which they would have themselves violated). so shouldn’t the other band have just been given 10 minutes each just so they could perform?

    one thing i would like to add here that i am not criticizing just for the sake of it… i was a part of the organizing team and i know how hard it was putting it all together. what i wanted to convey was that it could all have been what was planned simply if the TISF had just properly coordinated their work

    1) no one told mr. salahuddin anything about the power requirements (if you want confirm with any of the TISF members or mr. salahuddin himself)

    2) the bands were there by 6:30… the sound checks and their performances could have been underway then too.

    3) why was the event manager sent off to receive the bands (anyone else could have done that). don’t you think that he should have been there helping out with the other members?

  15. First of all Mr. Malik and anonymous, i know you both are very good friends…you both have same mission that you r criticizing those things which don’t have any worth…In my perception a person who don’t have courage to write his name or to write incomplete name like (mr. Malik) should not argue on this independent forum. Secondlly I want to mention that It was first ever big event in the history of TIP in which there was rocking fireworks, basant mela, healthy and enjoyable atmosphere . I want to ask that what more u guys want.. i am not saying that don’t criticize but plz appreciate the work. i know how guys work hardly for this event… even u can’t imagine that how small the working group was and they remained successful in organizing this event..well done TISF … go ahead.. our sincere appreciation is with you… don’t fear from cowardice…. i enjoyed this event. my friends enjoyed and my outsiders guests enjoyed… thats all i have to state….

  16. First of all, Mr malik pls clarify yourself that what is ur full name and who are u. Secondly you must know that if u r not present at the time when the event took place, then you are not suppose to criticize any one in the TISF, especially the one person you are repeatedly referring to (PLS don’t get personal). As far as the spring festival is concerned, how can u call it disastrous….. The event was a combination of 3 to 4 different amusements which includes Kite Flying, Concert, Fireworks and Dance Party. Unfortunately you were not even able to find one reason to entertain yourself.

    Mr Malik the truth is that the event was a succes. As far as the flaws are concerned we do except that there was a room for improvement but that dosent mean that the event was a failure.

    And one more thing that we would like to clarify is that pls dont worry about the image of TIP by sitting back at home as we are always there on the field to take care of it…..

  17. hmn i dont think there is much left to say besides that the event was simply amazing again hats off to all the people who were involved in putting together the whole event, the TISF, ahsan, all the students everyone this will seriously b an event i wont forget..
    on a more serious note.. why in the world were we to have the launch ceremony the same day, the hy

  18. @ sherry

    nope i don’t know who this malik is, keep your darn speculations to yourself choto.

    @ shoaib

    larkay saara problem hee yeh tha keh aap field per khayal rakh rahay thay aur rakhna khayal asal main unn industry ke logon ka tha jo kissi ne nahi kiya because everyone was tied up.

  19. (sorry about that happend by accident) k so the magazine rnt we all very eagerly waiting for it n why did have to have it on the same day. the last time i remember there was a launch for the magazine i.e. b4 arsalan’s it didnt take place with any other event it was an event on its own and a very good one. i just dont get it but what i do get is that this whole mr.anon and mr.malik fiasco is taking an interesting turn im sure the minute the secrets revealed its going to be hell for that person. o nbtw carry on malik has never disclosed his name anyways and now this anon guy the person who i thnk knows all the answer is FURHAN seriously catch him he def. has all the answers..:P
    o yeah one more thing the fire works were freakin amazing..

  20. Really guys i dont understand one thing why is the TISF to be held responsible for any thing that goes wrong. first of all if this anonymous guy thinks that the tisf is such an incompetent student body why the hell did he\she ever bothered to make an appearance. secondly the spring festival ROCKED BIG TIME!!!!
    if somebody thinks that the university was utterly humiliated why didn’t he\she come up with some rational ideas to save face at the event.
    TISF is just a student body of four representatives what do you people expect from them, to achieve the impossible??
    when these critics are needed the most why do they turn their backs on the tisf members.the TISF body goes far and beyond to make events successful, its not just their university we are equally responsible in making things work.
    I have a fair idea of how Anum Fatima, Awwab, Altaf and Saad Nasim struggle to keep up with thier studies and to make events happen.
    When sponsors were needed the most only Anum FAtima an a few others came to the rescue. there are a number of students who could have easily bagged a few sponsors but these people are so complacent in their attitudes that they just sit back in their seats waiting for any event to end and then to quickly log on to Quack and write something bad about the event.
    HATS OFF TO U!!!!!

  21. unfortunately we wre unable to join u ppl, however it would be great if anyone who covered the event may upload some of snaps…thanks!

    do u guys need more dozesssssssssssssssssssssss

  23. @ sheheryar saleem:

    Lets start from you, because you directly got some serious reservations about why i am using “Malik” instead of my complete name …

    First of all, this website Quack, gives you an Option to write any post or an article by using any name, you can write anonymously or by using any name, so this is a something provided by Quack itself. It the host site doesn’t have any problem with it, and they are even providing it as an option … whats really bothering you? just because i am criticizing an event which was organized by people around you, now its important for you to know my identity to do “personal attacks” just because of my opposition to your messed up Spring Mess?

    If you want to live in an imaginary fantasy land in which you enjoyed the most messed up event in the history of TIP, where many CEOs and guests who were there with their families, were confused as they got trapped in some Zoo cage. Where mismanagement was so much visible that many TIP students are now scared about their futures as the CEOs and other officials who attended the event will never look at TIP or its students with the same perception (which wasn’t great earlier but now completely dead). Where canteen was on strike, where electricity was like newly invented so in its testing stages, where the teachers like (Ali Hafeez) was vanished to leave students to humiliate themselves, Where the great Ali Hakeem who NEEDS to be there because he invited the guests and he was going to launch the magazine after passing out, but some people cant break their tradition of “Late arrivals”

    Have some courage to listen to the someone’s views, instead of figuring out the person behind the comment, see what he/she is saying, and if he/she is right about something, accept it and next time try to do things in a proper manner by learning from it. If you are not agree with his/her views, present your point of view and defend your position … But please stop acting like someone who accepts or reject something based on who is saying it, no matter the person who is saying something is right or wrong.

    So sure, keep living in denial, someday when you ll apply for an interview and the employer ll ask “Oh you are from TIP, the most messed up place on earth” may be you ll get an idea about this Great Spring Fest’s effects.

    Last but not the least, Xaid, dude you are smoking too much, it seems like it is making u too much curious about so many things. Quit it man both Smoking and Curiosity. :p

  24. @ Yusra

    This article even did not get to me once but I can say I am truly offended by your post. Why is that so?

    could some one point it out for her.

  25. Phew!!!…i read all these 21 comments and their statements really put a smile on my face..Im glad some students still acknowledge the endless efforts we all put in order to make this event a sucess..We worked really hard and ensured everything was well taken care off. However, sometimes the unexpected can disturb the whole system around and thats exactly wut happened. Since the TISf is just a student body comprising of only five individuals the blame should not be solely put on us.All the students of tip are equally held responsible in making the event sucessful. The least they can do is appreciate us a little so we work better. I agree with Yusra abt how people are soo desperate to write negative remarks at quack at the end of every event. Students actually wait for something bad to happen so that they can make fun of it. This approach will not get us anywhere!And i really wonder who this anonymous coward is. I think i have a rough idea who it is =) just wondering why he did not have enough guts to write his name.!and o Yeh.!how can i forget to write sth abt Ali hakeem.!my gudnEsss! The poor guy was cursed by soo many people that day..he really deserved this humliation. He is one of the biggest reasons for upsetting the event..Could he not have his beloved magzine launch some other day.?! And if he was soo eager to have it the same day then coudlnt he be on time?!..I know through a reliable source that at every phone call made to him he said he was at the toll plaza..God knows wut mode of transportation he was using =) According to him he got off from work late. My arguement is that if he knew he would be busy at work then why did he even comit to have the launch the same day?! Maybe he did that on purpose(okay now thats typical tip mentality :p)..Can some one please snatch his Iqbal Ahmed Award =)!! Some healthy criticism is always welcomed but i feel here its only done to under estimate us. We have a very fine example of Mr Malik who wasnt even part of the event but still had more to say than students who actually attended!!!!!!!!now thts wut u call complete exaggeration. How could he base his opnion on something he never a majority of people did appreciate out efforts I thank them all for boosting our confidence. We need this kind of encouragement and support from u all.. Thanx a lot guys!

  26. @ mr. MAlik

    ITS WAS’NT ABT THE PERSONAL ATTACKs.. it was alwayz abt to encourage those people who r bursting there efforts to make u people happy…BUT no…u just want to criticize dat wat went wrong…ya i knw not everything had gone as planned but atleat we ar’nt regreting…we just made a gud effort to entertain the students as well as the others…who were enjoying very much….
    but still u wont understand i knw…


    @ anonymous

    Choto han…maybe i can reconized this word 🙂

  27. Han jee ……… I can recognize Mr. Malik…. who can only be our beloved “phuppo”….

  28. Congratulations to TISF,TIP Students and everyone who supported them :-), it was no doubt a great Spring Festival. I say this because every one who you met over there was happy, the atmosphere was great, friendly and cooperative, everyone was enjoying it and took smiles back home. The beloved night scenery of the Titanic was no match in front of the great fireworks that were put on display, they were a real wow.

    The equipment setup and bringing the bands on stage, electricity issues and Magazine launch are no doubt some issues that will be remembered as long as this event is remembered. At this time all we can do is wish that it had never happened.
    But problems are from where we learn, no one and nothing can be perfect,
    only had the people present at the scene not giving their full potential then only you have every right to question them…
    Still – Many lessons to learn.

    All the best for Future events at TIP for years to come.

  29. just for some fun why don’t you guys throw in some names as an attempt to identify me? if anyone throws in my proper name then i promise i will come clean.

  30. ha ha ha …very well said …it can only be phuppo….she was also not present at the event.. phuppo pls show courage and write ur name… ab to tm bari ho gaye ho..

  31. I am sad about the people of my institute.I have heard from all my friends that it was wonderful event. and we enjoyed at TIP. But this “Anonymous Coward” 100 times shame on you that you lacks courage to write ur name.. and 200 times shame on you Mr. Jhootay Malik. That you are writing ur fake name.. pls I request other people except Anonymous Coward Shameful and Mr Jhooty phuppo Malik who was not present at the event. Pls be united..and appreciate the work.. Have You guys ever seen Fire works at TIP.. Shameful coward thora sa to appreciate ker day. If u r man then write ur name.. I see how can u argue on the quack.

  32. wow…one cant help but be amazed at the blunt comments of miss anum who can only point fingers and come up wid one name to blame for their mismanagement. Y would u blame it on ali hakeem in all its totality…things did go messed up but its not the right thing to say…getting to personal and upclose by mentioning that his iqbal ahmed award should be taken…you seriously need some counselling regarding how one should go about with comments. now comming to the factor that the even according to you went bad because of the launch, and other factors like voltage fluctuations and bands not being able to show up being a problem…pleaase have a sane mental capacity to come up with reasonable remarks. fine TISF has made alot of effort but ali hakeem’s case was a series of unaccounted for events. And coming up with such blatant remarks for ali hakeem is a proof that a person can be so ignorant and on the surface of things that the best they could do was to get personal. Our campus management is surely in the wrong hands!

  33. nope not phuppo this time and i hardly guess that malik would be phuppo either. BTW Afridi bhai i clearly stated my sentiments towards the fireworks (aren’t you guys reading the article properly).

    come on people throw in some real wild guesses, someone you might never suspect.

  34. Bravo!
    Yea everyone come forward and instead of trying to figure out the reasons behind a disastrous spring mess, try to find out who is me, and then just like an educated and mature person start accusing someone without any proof or anything. Just great!

    Mr. Shabih and Mr. Kashif, thanks for telling me how you guys argue with someone, thanks for telling me how far you people can go just to tell me what kind of manners you guys learnt not just from your institute but also from your home. I know you people doesn’t care at all about TIP, but At least think about your parents, whom you guys are making shameful by showing what kind of manners they taught you in your home.

    When you talk about courage then the real courage comes in question when you have to talk about facts no matter it makes your friends exposed or anything. If Ali Hakeem is your friend, it doesn’t give him a free permit to play with the lives of hundreds of TIP students.

    Anyhow thanks once again for telling me what kind of language you guys use when someone try to make you people learn from something that was wrong and in front of everyone. Instead of learning something, you guys are denying everything and attacking me out of nothing.

    Dint Ali Hakeem came late, and made things disastrous? Yes or No?

    Dint Ali Hafeez got vanished from event and left all students and executives who were there on their own?

    Dint electricity fluctuation was a problem at the event?

    Dint the CEOs and executives with their families were all got themselves humiliated at the event, as there were no arrangement for their sitting, for their briefing etc?

    Now comeon do what you guys can do in your best capacity, and that is figuring out who is the Malik? :p

  35. Dint Ali Hakeem came late, and made things disastrous? Yes or No?

    Dint Ali Hafeez got vanished from event and left all students and executives who were there on their own?

    Dint electricity fluctuation was a problem at the event?

    Dint the CEOs and executives with their families were all got themselves humiliated at the event, as there were no arrangement for their sitting, for their briefing etc?

    YEAH !!! dese are sum major issues which should be looked upon….so NOW PLZ MR MALIK …JUST SHUTUP!!!!!!

  36. Dint Ali Hakeem came late, and made things disastrous? Yes or No?


    Dint Ali Hafeez got vanished from event and left all students and executives who were there on their own?

    Dint electricity fluctuation was a problem at the event?
    ****DIDN’T U SEE THAT? :S

    Dint the CEOs and executives with their families were all got themselves humiliated at the event, as there were no arrangement for their sitting, for their briefing etc?


  37. ha ha ha! Shabih..wa8 a minute buddy..!first of all i didnt get a word u wrote..please dont make vague statements..defend ur arguement with some solid examples.. &…..I didnt want to say this but u just forced me to say that just cause you were dissed by me in the past doesnt mean u become all revenge ful =) TISF is not held responsible for issue like electricity break downs..Its some thing which was unexpected. Please scroll back and forth and read all the positive remarks students have written. So its just u, anonymous coward and Mr Malik(ooPs lemme make tht mrs malik) who always complain.! I once again thank all those who have supported the TISf..without ur support and encouragement we wouldnt have managed to pull this event through.thanxxx

  38. @ shabih
    shabih its not anum who needs counseling its you who needs it the most. you r blaming anum of getting personal, and wat do you think you r doing.
    what do you expect from the TISF members. do you want them to become some kind of an electrician or are you expecting them to drag the band members out of their houses on the given time.
    really sabih if you think that the campus development is in wrong hands why did you ever ask anum to bribe you in voting her. she was actually in her right sense of mind and not insane as you have claimed in not bribing you.

    shabih if you cant do something atleast try to appreciate the efforts made by awwab and saad nasim if not anum’s try not to keep on bickering behind peoples’ back.

  39. @ saad ashraf
    i am really sorry if i offended you in any way i did not mean to. i know dat you actually made a lot of effort in making the concert work and tolerating the bands behaviour and i sincerely wish that people should start learning how to appreciate hard work and dedication which all of you put in making things work.

  40. @saad

    two things i wanna tell u saad was’nt me who wrote yr name, it was adnan malik who used my name to comment u….next tym try to chill…

  41. @ sheheryar

    How you think saad can guess that someone else is using your name? All you needed to do was to tell that it wasn’t you … there was no need to drag families into this discussion … Come on guys we are students of an educational institute, we can talk and even argue in civil manner.

    I can only request you guys to please stop these personal attacks, and talk to the point and on the issue. And Saad you too stop abusing someone if he or she gave his/her conspiracy theory about identity of “Malik” …

  42. @ Shabih,,,dun support the wrong person…n if u think the management is in wrong hands then take management in ur own hands for one day(u r not eligible however),trust me u would b worst than any management…so learn to appeciate…
    “jis thali main khatay ho usi main mat thooko”
    for all who always critisize TISF….

  43. @ Malik

    Malik Malik Malik you poor old thing… this identity thing was never about you, it was and remains about my identity. Adnan beta i gotta admit ke it was a nice guess (i think the choto would have given you the idea there) but alas you ain’t there yet. You are a bit close however so keep on guessing.

  44. People you gotta admit this and thank me to for it, this is possibly the longest thread ever to be on quack so let the appreciations be heard for me generating so much interest.

  45. @shabbi
    one question!!
    u luv being all revengful..if u wanna argue supoort it coherent reasons just because ali hakeem is ur friend doesnt mean that u have to support him in his wrong doingz as well!!!most of the students including me were eye witness to the whole situation and we saw how farhan was askn every1 to go to the audi..poor him!!!it was really difficult for him to deal with the whole senario.just to hide the unsuccessful launch ceremony u dnt need to put all tha blame on TISF ..this is a cowardz job!!!learn to xcept the biTTER REALITY!!!
    aur itna shauq hai y dnt u take over TISF MAN and we’ll c how ORGANISED ur!!
    go TISF

  46. if u ppl r so concerned abt the uni events n want to sought dese issues so that they shouldn’t com in the upcoming events so u guys hav to call a meeting of all the members who were the part of dis Sprin Fest including elected members n coordinator of TISF and evaluate dis whole event!!

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