Mayhem at the Spring Fest ‘09

Editor’s Note: Quack! Online has made it clear that journalism is not the forte of people who fear backlash resulting from honest expression. Here’s an example of some recently received cowardice. However well written your thing may be, you must exist to justify what you say.

Mayhem at the Spring Fest ’09
by anonymous coward

All in all people seemed to have enjoyed the spring festival (specially the fireworks) but what happened at the back of it all was the part which will effect most of us in the future and this is inevitable! Why do I make such bold claims well the following would clear it all up for you.

Management at the event turned to a point of disaster with all the electricity voltages being there but this is not the only thing that made it all bad. Mishaps are bound to happen at events and that is what makes such things a learning process, but what is there to learn from it all is to have contingencies set up (and how to execute them) so that no one suffers. Most of you might not know but actually there were a total of five bands (including our own TIMF band) which were supposed to be performing at the event. Only three of them could actually grace the stage and these bands I should inform you (and this is from a credible source mind you) came in for free (leaving Reath out). Now where does this all leave us? These people made their way to our institute just for the sake of performing in front of us and they got rejected as the event lost precious time due (but not restricted) to the voltage issue. Now at a future event how credible does the TISF stand in front of artists and performers? Would others be willing to sacrifice their time for nothing? Come on TISF you need to be better prepared with all of this after all coordination between five people isn’t that hard now? Or is it?

But is this all? Is it only the TISF that is responsible? Well up till this point many of you might think so but don’t you wonder as to exactly why was the event delayed to begin with? All the equipment was set up in the amphitheatre well before the show was bound to begin then why didn’t the show kick off earlier? Well now this is where the plot gets all twisted as we mark in the entry of the one and only Mr. Ali Hakeem (didn’t see that coming now did you). Now let me guide you through at exactly what happened and what I learned from official sources. The concert was due with the sound checks at 6:30 which unfortunately did not happen and thus explains the problems that were then encountered. Now you would be wondering as to why Ali Hakeem would have anything to do with the sound checks? Well he doesn’t but, he was the next one up with the magazine launch at 7:00 and this is what got things even more mangled up then they actually were, sponsors made their way at 7:00 sharp just as Ali had told them (along with their families) and Mr. Ali himself was nowhere to be found. Now what was the next call to be made? Should the artists be called up or should we wait out another ten or twenty minutes? Who was to make that call? Who was willing to be the scapegoat that decided it all? After all these are high profile people and major contributing sources for the TISF’s cause. Could the magazine launch be called off now?

Things then kicked off with the frustrated guests still at the back of the minds of many, just to be plagued by the voltage thing (this is getting all repetitive now isn’t it) but that was sorted out in a while, but how do you deal with a frustrated sponsor who has the right to be angry (but not with you and that is for certain). How were these people to be received? Who was to entertain them? And where were they supposed to be accommodated once they were on campus? These are the questions that brings on all the focus on Ali Hakeem, wasn’t he the one who was responsible for the launch? Were these not his guests to begin with? Was it not his duty to properly have things arranged for them? And yeah there wasn’t any equipment that had been obtained to screen his magnificent video that he had prepared. Well what the heck difference could the equipment make if the person responsible comes in 90 minutes later. Well in the midst of it all, some members of the publication and of the TISF scuffed here and there to get the projector and the screen for a show that was never meant to be. Some people were asked to move to the auditorium for a private launch (as it was decided that a public screening might cause a stir with the outside crowd) of the magazine only to find out that the auditorium was not accessible and the whole thing had to be called off. Now where does this leave us? The sponsors headed off frustrated. Now would they in the future take part in sponsoring anything associated with the TISF or TIP for that matter? Now these are the questions to ponder and which would now completely establish my earlier claims.

Now this one is in regards accomplishments and the most prestigious award at TIP (yes I am referring to the Eqbal Ahmed Award) and my point here is to say that truly this year’s winner deserved it for he truly accomplished what a many could not with their memorable stays at TIP

  • Delay a very expensive event which offended a lot of people (the performers in general).
  • Decimated the image of TIP in front of the sponsors and thus single handedly effecting futures of many students present at TIP.
  • Gave migraines to all the people somehow related in organizing the event.

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  1. hmmmm….

    Ali Hakeem should respond… make his point clear..
    (dats wat sheikh saab taught me:))

    i m ready 2 take over tIsf wid Shabii:)
    tankhuah kitni milegee?

    No one should blame jus 1 person … as all the tisf members\concerned ppL were equally responsible… for making the event such a fiasco…. so all the tiSf members should b part of this conversation…

  2. hahahahaha muzzzaaaa i just love u and this direct semester…….
    yehe hota hai jab city and hostel ka collaboration hota hai 😛
    overall event acha tha jissko jo bolna hai bolta rahey
    kion murtazA?

  3. yea rYte it was one hell of a event…!
    ups n Downs toa hurr event mei thorey bohat chultey hainn…

    i would like to congratulate the TISF and the Event mngmnt team for a superb EVENT!

    thank u…

  4. Ehmmm Ehmmmm!!!

    It seems as Quack! has just been re-invented!

    Few more things:

    1) Don’t mix Ali Hakeem’s magazine work and his Eqbal Ahmed award with whatever happened at basant. Look we all know Ali is a great guy and he has done what even the best people have not done during their stay at TIP. You people have just finished Ali’s long struggle for magazine in an instant. That is totally emotional and wrong. Whatever happened at basant was something different from the normal.

    2) Blaming TISF coordinator on his early leave: C’mon people..kuch hosh karo. He is the coordinator aur wuh tumhay ungli pakar kay nahi tumhay nahi chalaye ga. He must had some personal commitments on Friday which results in his early departure. It doesent means running away..i mean this is ridiculous.

    Your go ahead people with your comments…I am ready to face your criticism…

  5. @rameez
    dude ur comment itself has loopholes
    ya ali hakem is solely not to be blamed
    but u speakn abt his commitments…first of all no one forced him to keep the launch on the same day
    y commit 4 smethn when u had other more priored commitments….kisi aur din rakh laitai mana thori tha balkai it wud have been better couz then every1 wud have been present.
    running away r two wrong words to be used here couz no one will ever run away from such an amazn moment keepn in kind the hardwork and deidIcation involved in the magazine!!come on yar!!!he shud have been systematic!!

  6. I used “running away” term in my 2nd point which is for TISF coordinator not Ali Hakeem.

  7. This is how it goes…

    A total blame game, when you don’t delegate your work properly. A real time management case study. 4th years; please make this a part of your thesis please 🙂

  8. cudnt read through the whole article its like electricity electricity and management management….
    easier said than done annonymous fella
    im sure the tisf put on a lot of work to make it work
    but shit happens and u learn from it
    go tisf
    by da way i didnt get like 2 issues of da magazine while i was in tip thts i think 06-08 wheres my copyieeee ;-p

  9. Saad ashraf knows very well that i can’t use his name. I respect him. Mr. malik and anonymous i want revenge from you. Mr . Malik I respect u only b.coz u r using Malik. You both guys are my enemies. i will search you. abhi hourlies hain. I have to study. you both made upset our TISF members. I challenge you to arrange only one such event then criticize on others.. May be i’ll not come on quack again b.coz i’ve to study for hourlies. but i can never ever forget both of you.. i’ll search you till my last breath. Mr. Malik and anonymous Coward.. let s arrange a table talk.. oh sory I forgot you both lacks courage to come in front of any one.. I’m ashamed that TIP have such students…

  10. I was completely stunned to see such spectacular comments from the students…didnt know we all had a potential..this topic became a testing ground for every1..mostly all have contributed and supported the TISF…and im also going to be doing the same..just tht this shabi guy really ticked me off too..! But my friends have taken a great opportunity in degrading him..wut he purely deserve …ppl we cant just pass statements which grabs ppl attention..this is so unfair..amer and anum are my closest friend and i know how they all are working.

  11. Stop crying Malik n Anonymous ….. Majority says the event was a hit n it was ….. so u guys try to find some other place to seek attention ;-)……….. Kat ke darya main phek dee

  12. Rock TISF………. Rock TIP…………… Rock TISF President…. Wo kahtay hain na ke jaltay huey ko aur hawa do…………….

  13. guys i think we have carried it a bit too far lets just drop the argument and look forward to the next event(as if it wud help)!!!!!!!!jo hogaya so hogaya not that i mean the event wasn’t a blast so cheer up TISF you ppl knw that v r always there behind so 4get the cowards and move on!!!
    khisa khatam paisa hazam

  14. Mr .Malik. You’ll seriously have to pay for your previous comment.Take it threat. come in front of me. I’ll tell u how I’ve grown up. your parents have given you name but unfortunately u cannot use it because you are a coward. Again shame on you.

  15. I request you all that stop taunting eachother.plz today is 12th Rabi ul awal. Being a muslim we all should have respect for this day. JazakAllah.

  16. hahhahaa!!!muhammad ,we shud respect every day not one day in particular!!!
    and guys lets really stop arguing abt this….sub apni marrahai hain milna kuch nahe hai!!!:P:P

  17. ehehehehehe!

    as the day have come 2 an end… lets resume from where v left…

    toa i was sayin k it was all Ali hAkeemz Fault…(really)??
    lets continue:)

  18. ok 1stly too bad i was not checking the posts made on bad on that..or else i wud’ve given the appropriate answers…now sana…i quote u “dis shabih guy”…i think u know me slightly better than to say “dis shabih guy” out of comtempt..see relax yusra,marium and anum…the thing here is that your not trying to get past the personal animosity people lets cut the crap…the fact remains that indeed ali hakeem was late…but we (ali and me)were in contact with members of TISF and even ali hafeez told us that things would go smoothly…so we were told to not be concerned regarding the setting up for necessary stuff in tip. but when ali n i reached tip..there was no setup of any sort for the launching…that is surprising..furhan was in touch with us too..and marium get ure facts right and learn to appreciate some people and not just take a stance for ure friend. same goes for u sana and yusra..and mosty anum…it doesnt effect me wat u say here…because i wud expect nothing less from u…i mean see made a personal remark already…and come to think of it…do u think that stating dat ali’s iqbal ahmed award shud be taken away..?do u even know how hard he has worked for the magazine..?im sure u wouldnt know the toil one goes through to produce such an amazing magazine…u wont be getting to see another in a longtime savour this one..and Mr.Malik…do u actually beleive the comments of certain people effect me in any way…well think again dude…and besidz get ure grammer correct and ure sentences right if u sound serious here had me laughing and others too who ever went through ure post…and anum…come out of ure bubble…and smell the world around u for a change…since when did i ever comment that tisf was a failure..tisf has and will keep on doing a great job regarding the managing of events no doubt …but ure personal remarks ticked me off….and marium WAT R U?..i mean i thot atleast someone wid a sane mind was in ure small group but i guess wen it comes to rescueing a does loose it all…too bad…i guess dats enough humiliation for u guys..since u already did for ureself thru ure posts…cheers:)

  19. @ shabih

    Aray wah … You replied, yea we all are aware that it was hard for you and it took you lotsa time to stop crying … but you replied, that what matters. It doesn’t matter if some girl ditched you and then openly humiliated you on an open forum, and it also doesn’t matter that from now on you gonna have a very unique kind of reception anytime you visit TIP in future (obviously if you got courage to visit TIP anymore :p) … People gonna look at you with a smile on their face, very meaningful smile, your friends will laugh on your back, girls ll look at you and they ll shout “Hey Shahbih, why Anum ditched you? how you are feeling now?”

    Learn to accept your mistakes, otherwise every girl will ditch and then openly humiliate you. Seriously dude, i am feeling bad for u. Life is hard for some people.

  20. for god’s sake guYs… stop this BLAME GAME… and lets setle the score tomorrow in the last slot in the cafe…

  21. alright i wont tease him anymore. Made my point, no need to pull anymore legs.

    Just one last comment for Shabih dude Its “Grammar” not grammer. :p

  22. oye upna cell no dey miltey hain kal cafe mei ielts dainna hai classein lei loonjga terey se:)

    Grammer ki ya Grammar ki… jo boley gaa…

  23. yea well dude my bad…looks like i touched a sensitive spot there regarding you not being able to string two words together in a sentence…ok relax…well didnt mean to offend you…but it seems your plainly taking sides and not looking the matter at hand…see this forum is not about getting personal or taunting each other…this forum is meant to hilight issues regarding how tip should operate better and how we as students should be conducive to its purpose…but it seems people cant rise above thier personal grudges and think about the bigger cause..well adnan malik i used to hold u in high regards but it seems people can be wrong…nevermind no offense taken…and im being polite and cordeal…that u should check out my 1st comment here..and before that read anum’s..u would know what i am talking about…hope some sense sinks into you..cheers…and dont worry…the whole thing regarding anum doesnt bother me..;) chill..

  24. lol…right on..looks like one has to be precise here…haha..ok ok …your “grammar” is good and not “grammer”…happy?…so rise above the occasion and read between the lines and think before you comment…and dont worry dude..u didnt harm me in any way..;)..

  25. 1st of all the event was simply awesome.
    stop blaming each other..
    aur han any 1 can post here by the name of any1..this is just a bull shit.

    for ALL PLZ STOP commenting here.

    this is MY 1ST & LAST COMMENT on quack online.
    take a chill pill & enjoy life

  26. @ Shabih

    this is all getting personal

    I read between the lines and this is what i picked out

    “same goes for u sana and yusra..and mosty anum…”

    “and anum…come out of ure bubble”

    if you take the “t” out of “mosty” it would be moty… n the next sentence with the bubble… it all adds up to you calling her fat. now that is personal.

  27. wooaahhh hang in there..dude…sheheryar saleem i guess ure taking this comment way to strangely…im the kindof guy who never add’s fuel to fire instead i would rather extuingish is…and i wasnt have your strange perspective…dont tell me i have to teach you how to actually interpret a simple straight forward msg..well to begin with..this arguement is puposeless…and pointless..and i guess adnan malik took my comment way to seirously regarding him not being able to have a correct grammar etc…so dude..adnan..chill..all differences be honest this is not even our just somehow latched on to the remarks and are supporting anum and her friends..isnt that so…and besidz its anum in her comment about “dissing” me became personal…if u read my comments…hardly there is anything personal…but anyways…looks like we should stop here..because its a pointless arguement i repeat…and lets forgive and forget what ever harsh words got exchanged here..because its really not worth it…you know it…so everyone chill and remember..forgive and forget…now everything is of the past…like they say “jo hogaya so ho gaya”…and gud luck to you all for the hourlies…cheerss

  28. and in case i missed…just long as u get the msg across…it should serve the purpose..adnan i think u should throw the dictionary away while your typing posts…just kidding…no offense..sorry bro..and chill ok…

  29. and lastly…for those people like sheheryar saleem…i would like to make myself clear so that there is no misinterpretation..that the term “forgive and forget” is not for my sake..because im certain that ive refrained from being personal in comments but still i’ll take back words that might’ve hurt people…rather on the contrary certain people here werent that courteous..they know who they are…so no need for names and be so blatant…so lets put everything to a rest and no more argueing for the sake of argument…and lets be progressive towards issues and not be evasive…and discourage arguement for the sake of arguement…so gud luck for hourlies once again..cheerss
    Ps: refrain from personal remarks people

  30. aik plz last personal…
    @ shabih
    @ anam
    @ marium
    @ sana
    @ sherry
    plzz aasan english ye urdu mei likha kurooo….\
    saath mei dictionary lei k bethna purta hai…

    thxxx… ab forgive aur forget:)

  31. Umm…before all of you go berserk and attack me in the last slot- can i please clarify that I’m not Malik or the Anonymous Coward? No matter how controversial i am, i always use my name.

    I’m sure there MUST be somebody else in TIP who uses good ‘grammar’- other than myself. Please search and kill him. I, for once, am not involved.

    Have a nice day.

    P.S: thank you for noticing i didn’t attend the event, you warped, obsessive psychos. Stop stalking me and get a life.

  32. @shabbih
    stop wining 4god sake
    if u read the comment i wrote concerning rameez i did write “DEDICATION”AND “HARDWORK” so plz think bf writing smethn!!or raha sawal sanity ka tu beta i can understand wht situation ur in…sry boi but we all wrote facts
    secondly i am positive tht no 1 has doubts abt ali hakeemz magazine even we knw wht he has dne but teh truth is tht he has acted IRRESPONSIBLE 4 the launch ceremony and most imporatantly the embarassing moment was 4 bandukta when he had to tell the much awaited guests that the launch ceremony has been called off!!
    and plz TISF IS IN TEH RIGHT HANDS AGAR NAHE HOTA NA US WAQT HI SUB KO SUNA CHUKAI HOTAI ,who ever was a part of the launch…but they didnt they tackled it well at tht time without creating a fuss or plz ub yai na kehna kai asa nahe hai couz i was an eye witness to tht whole situation
    and talkn ABT SENSE…every1 was talkn generally per aap aya or personal hona shuru hogyai quack pai…bhai merai “kio apnai dukti rug pai haath rakh rahai ho”.. IF U HAD NOT BEEN PERSONAL NO 1 wud have lashed out on u!!!get some sense in u man !!!!

  33. I didn’t wana come out on this but now that you all want to have a go at me than i have only one thing 2 say” bring it on”

  34. Well..MR shabih..if thts how u spell ur name!..i just skimmed through ur sense less comments and i know for a fact that u love to argue and seek attention..Like i said before..u forced me to be personal and u started it all..Neway..I dont wanna make my comments a drag nor do i wana “further” waste my time on Quack..i know for a fact that some people will never change. Now wutever i have to say ill say it ON UR FACE so dont hide ur self at uni..I know its kinda hard to notice sum1 like u but i swear ill make the efforts..!!

  35. i hope that we’ll reach the milestone of 100 posts:) this is the 95th one… c’mon guyss… aagay Burho mei tumharay saath hoon

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