Muqabla-e-bait baazi

Kuch shair faqt unko sunanay kay liye hain…

Here comes the most anticipated and demanded event of the semester. Literally Society of TIP is commited to cultivate a ‘Poetic’ culture and for that, our next scheduled event is ‘Muqabla-e-bait baazi’. The event is scheduled on 26 March 2008 (Wednesday) TISF slot. Some of the key features of the event are:


  • Four teams will represent the students of four years.
  • Each team will be headed by a faculty member to support the students.
  • Judges will decide about the winning team whereas shield will be awarded to the head of the winning team.

All the interested students are encouraged to participate in the event. To do so, you can contact:

Rameez Ahmed Khan-TS2B
Cell: 0345-2803180

Saqib Ali-TS4A
Cell: 03343512979


16 Replies to “Muqabla-e-bait baazi”

  1. Hey people.
    I just saw figured out the anonymous writer on most of the quackonline articles. Sitting in the computer lab i found this guy writing anonymous comments on the articles.
    Its best that i reveal his identity so that he does not write anonymously anymore.
    Its none other than Saqib Ali of TS4A. The guy with the darhi and the shalwar kameez.
    So saqib , it would be great if you write comments with your own name.

  2. yeh hm bhi jante hen, zindagi ik khawab hy afsar
    magar is khawab ki aakhir koi taabeer bhi ho gi

  3. Mohabbat gumaan kay siva kuch bhi nahi
    ik khaali makaan kay siva kuch bhi nahi

    tum jisay ishq ka mayaar kehtay ho
    wuh ik imkaan kay siva kuch bhi nahi

    kho gaye hain kaheen makeen iskay
    ghar main samaan kay siva kuch bhi nahi

    Rameez Ahmed Khan

  4. @Ali #1

    Moral policing karne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai.


    go look up a dictionary Rameez. humko catfight dekhney dow. u both continue ali #1 and ali #2

    @Ali #2

    What makes the hostilities think ppl like most of them 😉
    no one carez who they approve of or not!

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