Music lessons

The Music Society is looking forward to launch a music teaching program after Ramadan focusing on the three basic instruments (Guitars, Drums and keyboard). The lessons will be delivered through weekly sessions in the available free classes.

Music Teachers

Guitars: Waqas Khalid
Waqas Aman
Aehsan Zia

Drums: Baber

Keyboards: Sarim

NOTE: All the students who are interested are supposed to get themselves Registered. The Registration forms are available at the photocopy shop.

Break a leg!!!!

17 Replies to “Music lessons”

  1. its up tu u .. if u hv an instrument then sure bring it lekin waise filhal tu u can use ours ..

    @ hira
    the older the guitar the bettr it gets .. sound wise ..

  2. If you people are teaching it without charges, then it is a good way to transfer your talent to others…i wish i could play guitars or drums, but didn’t get the chance yet.. me too interested in taking the lessons…

  3. I wanna learn to play the keyboard. Aasim taught me how to play Fur Elsie once, and learning wasn’t such a bad experience for a change. Unfortunately, he stopped staying in the hostel after that, so…[:D]

    Anyways, I have a feeling you guys are biting off more than you can chew, unless, of course, you have planned everything beforehand. Like, what if too many people sign up for you guys to manage, or what about the damages people cause to your instruments. Are you going to teach in the TISF slot, or if not, how will you manage every student’s individual timings? What if the clerics, wasps or aliens attack? Am I asking too many questions? 😀

    But seriously, this is one of the most positive and appreciated things of the recent times. Something actually constructive. Just keep your contingency plans ready. Break loadsa legs!

  4. well we will really appreciate if u bring your own instruments..however if u cannnot..we will provide u the instruments PROVIDED that u dont MiS uSe them.. 🙂

  5. Your subject line got me hooked,

    Can this supporter and facilitator of the Music Room become an apprentice in Music?

    oh wait, there is more, we got faculty also wanting to know whether this offer is available to them?


  6. well i totally agree with farhan. There should be a contingency principle apply to this idea of yours lolz just in case if something goes wrong like alien attack bla bla bla…so what will you do?? and now the faculty is interested too .. how are you guys going to manage for every student or faculty individual time? this i got to know specially from WAQAS

  7. ok, i found out what kind of guitar i have. it’s a very thaka hua accoustic. will it work? does anybody here know how to tune a guitar? I’m willing to lend it out to anyone who needs practice, considering i use it as a dupatta-hanger at home.

  8. @ hira

    the poor intrument .. u should start respectin it if u really want tu learn it .. anyways i guess it just needs new strings .. bring it sometime aftr ramzan n we can have a look at the poor thing ..

    @ ahmed

    the thing is ke to tell u the truth we didnt really expected so much support and interest from the students when we started this program.. this also means as you mentioned that we will face some major problems. firstly we have more then 3 guitarist who can teach(if needed) though only 3 of em are mentioned above .. then anyone can come up anytime one of us are free for individual time.. i dont think it would be much of a problem ..

    plus if aliens attack .. well thy wont ! we wont let them .. 😉

  9. i am glad the faculty is supporting us too…n yes the Faculty is more then welcome. as far as the managment of the classes is concerned i am very confident that we wont have any problem.

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