Picture board spells nostalgia among TIPians

In another attempt to liven up the otherwise dull entrance of Ekbal Ahmed student center, the TISF has recently installed a picture showcase full of moments from the current academic year’s events!

It’s still not complete..logh pictures he nahi la ke dey rahe, and then they’ll complain humari tasveer nahi lagayee!“, remarks the campus development secretary.

One Reply to “Picture board spells nostalgia among TIPians”

  1. Thanks furhan for keeping all of us posted about everything that happens around the campus. TIP has a limited population therefore the picture board is meant to create a friendly link between students. This is small effort of the TISF to keep the students updated with the current events taking place. It is also to make the students connected and build a link between the students. I would really appreciate if other students (apart from tdt3 =)) could also contribute their special moments for the picture board. Looking forward to an enthusiastic response!!!
    Campus Development Secretary

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