Quack! Quack Quack Quack! and some more Quack!

I’m going to Quack! Say what you want. Threaten as you like. Do what you please. But I’ll Quack! Talk behind my back. Plan a conspiracy or plot through pointless discussions I’ll Quack! or he’ll Quack! or she’ll Quack! Someone or the other will definitely Quack!

The point being, that people will speak if they are trampled. What eludes me the most is why TIPians remain shut when they have a channel to express themselves.

There are times when our ignorance surprises me. I know that we as students are generally ignorant, but what’s worse is that we don’t even realize things in spite of them being spelt out in an auditorium with over 350 students.

Let me try again. The constitution of the TISF. Ah the constitution which no one bothers to read. It so happens to state that the rules governing the TISF can not be changed without a vote from the general body, that is you and me. And here we are with the rules being changed for the third year in a row since I’ve been a part of TIP.

Only this time the rules have created some bit of unrest amongst the student body with clauses stating that anyone with a CGPA of less than 2.5 can not compete in the elections.

To be very honest I don’t really care what the rules are. I’m generally apathetic towards the TISF, though I do try and give them sincere advice whenever required. I stopped voting in the elections two years ago after reading the constitution and seeing how the student body is happy with its elected bunch of jesters.

Anyhow, coming back to the rules; They would have been swallowed by our students as they have been over the past. But the point is that that’s not how it’s supposed to be. What’s laid down should be followed. It’s a simple matter of principle.

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    Thank you! Thank you!
    You did something that a mere slave could never have the courage to do! :p

  2. I make u mad? Hmmm the anger and resentment is really quite evident. I shall have to walk off with a huff…. (Huff!)

    P.S Why is the quacking Duckhead making Furhan Angry?

  3. i wonder if the faculty members responsible for conducting elections have actually spoken to student body before making ammendments in rules or constitution whatever!!

  4. I’m sure their excuse is going to be that the TISF was part of making these decisions including a bunch of students from third year. But that doesn’t reflect the opinion of the general student body.

  5. it’s really quite sad. a lot of really worthy candidates havnt been able to compete because of this rule. and who says people who actually become members of tisf will keep their gpas after election? i mean, look at ali hakeem!

  6. To be honest, I think it’s a great decision. We don’t want students flunking because they are in the TISF. And we’ve seen in the past that students have had to give up their posts because they weren’t able to keep up their GPA’s.

    But that’s not the point of it. What I feel and what the faculty or the current TISF feels doesn’t matter. No such change can be made. No new posts created. No rules implemented. No nothing without a vote from the general body.

  7. No dude, Ibrahim. They haven’t spoken to the student body. Involving a handful doesn’t mean that they have consent of the student body.

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