Rise against the Fee Rise!!

Ladies and gentlemen, now spending one semester at the sunny location of TIP will cost us a whopping 80,500 Rupees!!

This makes a tidy Rs 20,125 per month…or Rs 914 if you want to pay on a daily basis!

Enroll now, before the food crisis turns cafeteria’s chicken-less biryani to Rs 100 per plate!

10 Replies to “Rise against the Fee Rise!!”

  1. Yes! This is very bad. No point in doing that. But the problem is…

    Who is to blame? TIP administration? Petroleum and energy ministries? or blah blah…

    You can wear black bands, block the highway, put a car on fire or boycott the classes..but all this will influence whom? You simply will be suspended for one week for your bad behaviour or perhaps your one day absence will be marked….

    Situation is not so simple….is it?

  2. this is insane!
    i hardly know any institution in khi or in pk which doesnt charge people on the basis of credit hours. in TIp if we are taking a semester of 5 courses or 3 no matter , we have tp pay the same amount. nd 80k is like hell.
    rise against it

  3. We all really need to get together and protest for it, its not easy to live in dis world, now wid a price for education dats too high! There’s no individual to blame for, its da whole system, but its not gonna end here, we need to make our voices heard!

  4. No one can suspend you like that Rameez. This is not Army Public School. There’s a certain definition of bad behavior, and protesting for your rights and getting justice doesn’t fit there. Please refer to your handbook.

    In the words of TIP’s leaders, ‘Tip is the most democratic institute in the country!’ And I’m not being sarcastic.

  5. Wooohhhh!!! 80k????? on wat basis????
    Dear junirs, soon eva one hav to regret of wateva amount they r paying in TIP…in industry, there is no return watsoeva of the precious years n money u r wasting in TIP…Trust mEE!!

  6. n ya , i agree wid nizamuddin . . .
    y tip doesnt charge us on da basis of our credit hrss ?

    can ny responsible person can answer it ?

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