Some ‘Goods’ of TISF 2007-08

“Yaar! Is baaar ki TISF nay to kuch bhi nahin kya…..bas aik do events karayen hai”

The current government was elected in a hope that this time students will have some good events. TISF 2007-08 actually came up with very few events as compared to the last one, while students keep blaming and criticizing TISF for not arranging large number of events. However, if we look at the broader picture, TISF has done little but has done it with absolute quality – evident in the shape of Freshman Gala, Carnival, and Bake Sale.

TISF is primarily a student body, hence its work not only includes events but it should also provide and invest in various student facilities as well. This time, we have seen a lot of things like that also which no doubt are acts to be applauded.

Music is often called ‘food for the soul’, and TIPians, being one of the youngsters’ groups, love dancing to the beat and tempo.TIP’s official underground band ‘Hijab’ had given so much to TIP Music Society – by performing at different inter university forums. Sadly, after the disintegration of ‘Hijab’ , it was looking as if no one could actually take over that society. But you never know! A group of new music freaks stepped in and started supporting the Music Society. Some of those popular names include Waqas Aman, Sarim Mehmood, Sajjad, Babar and Haziq. TISF on its part, helped the society in forming the first ever proper music room, equipped with all the necessary instruments. Moreover, free of cost music classes were arranged for the very first time and all that could never have been possible without the moral and financial support of the students’ forum.

Apart from music, upcoming mill managers, designers, buying house owners need a healthy life and for that they need a proper gym in their university as well. TISF – again playing the critical role – invested to maintain a proper exercise gym, equipped with the latest machinery.
This step is surely a point to applause and support the TISF for its keen interest in these issues as well.

Having played its own part, TISF has supported individual groups for their respective events. How can we forget the series of events organized by the fourth year students, supported by TISF though they were only assignments.Moreover, students with their own events were encouraged and funded by TISF, some them being Tambola, Mushairah, and Beach Picnic.

While the ruling party is preparing to throw out some final events and depart, students are waiting for the upcoming election to again select another pure democratic government. TISF 2007-08 – led by the President Haris Amin, General Secretary Mohammed Arsalan, and Finance Secretary Waqas Aman – had done less but what has been done is with pure quality and according to the interests of the students. I would like to congratulate the whole TISF body and its coordinator Mr. Ali Hafeez for their excellent performance and I hope, that the upcoming TISF 2008-2009 will continue with the same tradition.

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  1. yes its right…. credit goes to all the team members infect TISF members and its coordinator Mr. Ali Hafeez. they are performing excellently and providing opportunities to not only TIPians rather TEXPERTS also……..

    It now almost three year of my graduation from TIP but when ever I hear about some event at TIP I must plan to attend although attended a few…. what I think now TIP have come to a stage where its Student body must be much mature and this must be reflected in their activities… I am not saying them wrong at all or criticizing their activities rather I like to see much more textile related activities happening at TIP like the technical lectures, conferences and similar things …. Along with the music, carnivals, etc… now we have significantly big alumni from diverseD sectors of textile and TISF and TIAF can coordinate to call them (if they don’t mind to spare some time out of their busy routine) as guest speaker to share their success story…..

    Dear TISF members and coordinators thinks about it … this would help students’ professional and personality development and they (particularly graduating class) would come across multiple and diverse textile sectors can select one for them ……

  2. Dear Rameez and Raghib,
    Thank you for all your support and guidance. We shall remain steadfast on improving facilities and events alike at the institute. As per information for all, TISF in collaboration with TIAF has already worked out on Guest Lecture Wednesdays where Texperts will come and guide the Student body on numerous important issues.
    Hope to announce the date soon. With regards,
    TISF Coordinator

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