Students welcome new addition at the cafeteria


Yup! It’s a brand new Samsung 40″ LCD tv. The students had been asking for one since ages, and the current TISF gave them one as a farewell gift, before their tenure ends in a couple of weeks.

“It’s an exciting addition. At least now we won’t have to walk all the way to the dorms to watch tv when we’re bored during free slots, but why’s there a ban on music channels?”, remarks one student.

Well, maybe it’s because it wouldn’t hurt if you watch the news or Nat Geo and become more informed about the world, but we’re not sure. Let’s leave it for the wise to answer.

Coming back to surprises, are there anymore the TISF is planning to pull out of the hat to make sure the students remember them by once they’re gone?

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  1. Thank You TISF!!

    Wah bhai jab last time inn ke against article likha tha then itnay comments and now no one is thanking them for such a gift.

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