20 Replies to “Talking Textures 2006-07”

  1. The cover screams out the name of the man. Many congratulations.

    Rameez, you can check out your seniors’.

  2. @Billu: Only If you’re in 3rd or 4th year 😛

    @Aasim: You’ve only seen the cover yet. Something tells me the magazine isn’t the only thing that’ll be screaming after people get hold of it.

  3. Holycows what an oustanding front page i havent seen anything like that before lolz awsome anyways congratulation to ARSALAN BHAI to bad cant felicitate him face to face but, i hope he will get my message therefore, hats of to him, i am sure this magazine must be having far more attractive stuff apart from the front page once a person starts reading it. anyways outstanding job arsalan bhai.

    by the way farhan when are the sophomores going to get a copy of this magazine

  4. wht i knw, sophs will get the ali hakeem’s version of the mag which will be out in about 2 months. current 1st yrs and 2nd yrs will get tht copy.

  5. i bet your magazine front page wouldn’t be as appealing and fascinating as this one is lolz.

    beside its an old saying things which are attractive are limited and the things which are not attractive are abundant in the market. lol


  6. MashaAllah! Congrats to the Magazine team, all your efforts are finally paid…. the cover looks dazzling!

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