Talking Textures, 2006-07

By Amna Anum, TDT 06

Never, have I seen a foreword, which is more self-protective, especially that of a magazine. Talking Textures has been one of my favorite student magazines since a few years. Not because it’s all so colorful, but because it was open and just so true. Exactly what student life is all about. Untroubled, lovely, cheery and cheesy, just about everything. Never, would I have thought, that I would come across a student mag, where I would find myself being forced to accept the fact that something as unnecessary as sex is … what? A part of a student’s life? Where a few have stared, wolf-whistled, snorted and possibly haw–ed over it, my friends and myself raised our eyebrows over the attempt to make common, this tabooed topic. I fail to understand the possible need of asking us believe that swear words, as in, real swear words should be included in a students’ magazine, because that’s what we students do. Swear at each other, and ask each other to bed? Ha!

I must admit, this naïve shot has gone missed, and probably damaged the reputation TISF (or for that matter, the Publications committee) had.

Nice try dude, but, get a life!

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  1. It’s just an editorial which is primarily an opinion piece, and anyway i didn’t think it was offensive. Arsalan does have a point; we do cuss, and we do talk about sex. It may not be the focal point of our lives, but it’s not like the issue is completely hidden to us. Why be hypocritical?

    But the entire magazine has nothing to do with the editorial. why get so offended at somebody’s opinion?

  2. Well, Hira, the editor gave his opinion, and the girl gave hers. It’s a free world.

    Opinions aside, Anum, why hate the entire fruit if you don’t like the skin? Did you read the rest of it? There’s loads of nice material in it too, in fact, it’s far better than the last issue. As for the bit you find offensive, you are not required to get influenced by it. Trust me.

    It’s a magazine by the adults, for the adults. Even holy books discuss sex, and you make kids read those. Be glad our kids aren’t curious enough to ask questions 🙂

  3. Haha… no, actually I really liked the issue, it was real good.. the Dorm Dairies, was simply amazing! My main subject, however, is the Foreword. The foreword, or the Preface, or the focal start. in fact, the cover page itself was quite astounding, and I’d done reading the mag till I actually “noticed” the cover page, so you can’t really say “I judged the book by the cover (or just the foreword)”…
    My opinion is totally limited to the foreword. And the Cover Page… I never said anything about not liking the rest of the issue. It was very fine.

  4. And about Arsalan being right about the topic, there’s a difference between accepting, and justifying. Arsalan’s actually justifying the whole thing… there’s nothing wrong with sex, but hey, this is a student magazine.. related to The TIP, I mean, would you wanna relate yourself to a university, with an annual mag which is rated? =p

  5. “It’s just an editorial which is primarily an opinion piece, and anyway i didn’t think it was offensive”

    right .. a porn picture isnt offensive !

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