Breaking news… Tambola happened at TIP; did you know that?…

TISF organized tambola game on wednesday, 18th november. There were 45 participants and all the students enjoyed in this funny board game. In this game each person can try his luck for six times for one ticket. 5 people won cash prizes of RS. 300/ and 3 won cash prizes of Rs. 500/.

A nice event organized by the TISF president, oops shouldn’t I be saying TISF. 45 people (16 percent of the 280 students at TIP)  attended the event. It was big hit and again the credit goes to the TISF president. What I wanna ask is that what about the rest of the 84 percent who didn’t want to attend that event, fortunately or unfortunately, including TISF elected members.

Do the TISF president have any answer for this???

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  1. this event for me is like a guest speaker in tip on which ppl abt 10 to 15 % ppl attend..
    which usually happen due to the bad marketing strategy for the team …

    majority of the ppl didnt attend becz they didnt even no wat the rules of the game are…..

    no cr was asked for it
    being a cr i was asked at the last moment …

    i could have been a more organized and suucessful event as if it was annouced and decided earlier..

  2. first of all MOhSIN BUTT…get ur facts rite..it wasnt a TISF event…second thing the ppl who attended were more than enough to make the event succesful…i knw mohsin butt ur “Butt” is on fire…enjoy karo…zyadah mat socho..=)

  3. It was a TISF event as I have seen TISF President personally promoting the event. As far as the event is concerned; there were loopholes in marketing the event as majority of public didnt get to know that such kind of event is happening in the TISF slot.

    Everything was organized and promoted at the last instance which has affected the turnover at the event. Things should be promoted and done in advance to get the maximum reponse. Idea was never bad at all but needed time to gather more students and faculty. Plus why they charged 100 rupees per person? bohat ziada paisay thay…

  4. i agree with the article.. the event was a total flop! and as for mr changez khan: ur post shows ur frustration!

  5. oh mr changeiz salam to u …

    if something goes wrong its better to accept or u ll never b able to learn wat u r trying to learn ..
    accept the positive critism and grow up…

  6. hi dear
    i agreee with u but ……….the TISF presdient(ADNAN MALIK)have no guts of leadership and dont know how to organize an event and how to manage things and sooooooooo own the ever worst president of TISF.he is dancing on other tips he dont have his own thinking……………

  7. oye hi,
    frstly to malik: tambola ne to tumhara bambola kardiya! kitne lohe 40-45! sharam kar aur doob marr!
    ab bhi party ke c***** ge to aik kaam karo na, mustafa ko hi president bana do aur ja kar apni aukaat wale kaam karo i.e. nae bacho ki brain washing!!

    to party: um logon ki tip mein woh haisiat hai jaise dhobi ke kutton ki hoti hai! beta tum log bus wait karo, tumhara woh hashar hoga zamana dekha ga.. wait karo bus!

  8. and finally let see ke kitne log aate hai is carnival mein, let c! malik ke andar thori se sharam bhi agar baki bachi hogi to khud hi step down hojae ga president ki seat se!

  9. OH bai
    itni sharm hoti to presidnt k liyay b nai ata………..jo log dusron k issaroooon pay nachtay hain toa un ka unjam yahee hota haaaaaaaaaa…….hahahah!!!!!

  10. hi!
    those who cant do… bark!
    i know mohsin! u knew tambola is going held… y didn’t u help promote the event… as a TISF member u shud promote every event, help students 2 make it better.. its ur resposibilty if u r part of tisf…
    crtizing people is gud, so that they dont make the same mistakes again… but u r pointing out only our president… he didn’t organised it he helped his collegues as a representative of TISF which u also claims 2 be…

    its a shame for u as well dat an event according to u didn’t went well..

  11. Mr. Rameez or shud i call him DR. Sophisticated, uncle u arranged an event and ur marketing skills were amazing…. u surprized me as well as d whole student body with the huge attandence just below 45 people…. it was just due to ur master maketing skills dat u were able 2 pursue so many people… tmhain ab sheesha daikhnay k baad kia karna chahiyay????
    i think tmhain kabi dobara kisi ko atleast marketing k lesson nai daina chahiyay…

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  27. @faizan, sajjad, master tameez and changez khan
    If there is anyone here whom I have still not insulted, I beg his pardon.

  28. hahaa
    malik taray raz mai nay khol diyay to tari hasiyat khutay jassi ha laken is k bad is say b ger jay gee soooooooh loooo bata

  29. hey keep it up guys
    keep up the gud work
    and i ll pray for u
    u pray for me..

    ppl dont listen to irrelalivant bullshit that wat i feel…

    i m so lucky that ppl r writing soo much for me…
    thanx kajji and mr changez

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